Am I Being Unreasonable? – The DVDfever Review – Daisy May Cooper

Am I Being Unreasonable Am I Being Unreasonable? is a comedy/drama which sees the title clearly stemming from one of Mumsnet’s forums.

We open with Nic’s (Daisy May CooperThe Witchfinder) boyfriend writing Merry Xmas in the snow with…. well… he had to stop mid-flow… but it does make you wonder why this is being shown in September. Let’s hope that by the end of it, I’m not having to wonder why it was shown at all, like most sitcoms, these days.

However, this is the point at which they’re saying goodbye, and have to try and kiss while the train door is closing, but even though it does close, in reality, it would sense someone is too close to it, and would refuse to shut… or in the case of any train from Stockport, you press the button to open it, when you want to get on in the first place, and it just sits there staring at you.

But then we’re into a situation where she’s married to a different man, Dan (Dustin Demri-Burns), taking her son to school, then one of her friends comes round, complaining about a bird that got squashed on the road in front of her, followed by a series of other events which makes this look like it’s just the characters hanging out without any direction as to what they’re meant to be doing.

I can see that as Nic makes friends with other mothers of young children, Jen (co-writer Selin Hizli) will become the main one with whom she interacts, but while I watched two episodes of this, including a moment where Nic has trouble on the toilet (bleah), I do gather that there are some drama elements within this programme – sometimes feeling otherworldly, but given how lacking in content the rest of it is, I’m completely unengaged to care.

And why is it yet another sitcom shot in 2.39:1 Cinemascope widescreen aspect ratio? I wish TV programmes would stop doing that. You’ve got a 16:9 camera. Use it. This isn’t Star Wars(!)

Am I Being Unreasonable? begins Friday September 23rd BBC1 at 9.50pm – having been delayed a week due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but will then continue at 9.30pm in its usual timeslot every Friday afterwards. It’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

After each episode is broadcast, they will be on the BBC iPlayer. However, given how things work these days, I expect the whole series will be available after episode 1 is shown.

Am I Being Unreasonable? – Official Trailer – BBC

Director: Jonny Campbell
Producer: Pippa Brown
Writers: Daisy May Cooper, Selin Hizli

Nic: Daisy May Cooper
Jen: Selin Hizli
Dan: Dustin Demri-Burns
Ollie: Lenny Rush
Alex: David Fynn
Viv: Juliet Cowan