American Made – Trailer 1 – Tom Cruise

American Made American Made makes me wonder how much Tom Cruise is still as he’s made, since I thought Luke Wilson was playing this role at first. Cruise must’ve had some work done to his face, even though he’s heavily made-up and has a wig.

Anyhoo, he plays pilot Barry Seal, who through improbable situations, ends up working for the CIA’s Monty Schafer (Domhnall GleesonEx Machina) and as a drug runner in the south, to Pablo Escobar, during the 1980s.

American Made is released in the UK on August 25th, and does look a great film.

The film is directed by Doug Liman, who Cruise worked with on Edge of Tomorrow, and his credits include Mr and Mrs Smith and The Bourne Identity.

Writer: Gary Spinelli
Also stars: Caleb Landry Jones, Jesse Plemons, Sarah Wright, Jayma Mays, Lola Kirke and Ozark‘s Kevin Johnson.

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size image.