Ana Maria in Novela Land – Official Trailer #1 – Luis Guzmán Comedy HD

Ana-Maria-in-Novela-LandAna Maria In Novela Land stars Edy Ganem as the titular heroine who is having a bad day until she magically switches places with the main character of her favorite telenovela. As she struggles to escape from Novela Land, Ana Maria finally understands why her real life was such a mess.

The film also stars Mercedes Mason, Sung Kang, Luis Guzmán, Tamara Taylor, and Elizabeth Peña, for whom this was sadly her last film as she died in October last year from cirrhosis of the liver.

It was directed by Georgina Riedel, who also co-wrote with Jose Nestor Marquez, and is basically another body swap comedy in the style of Freaky Friday. It looks okay, but since the trailer goes on for three minutes, I feel like I’ve seen the whole film already! How long do trailers need to be??

Ana Maria In Novela Land is released this weekend in the US, but hasn’t yet got a UK release date. I’m not wholly sold on the premise but as it’s the final film for Elizabeth Peña, it’ll have to be a must-see.

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size version: