Ant McPartlin proves crime DOES pay

Ant McPartlin Ant McPartlin was charged with drink-driving And at this point in his life, he’s absolutely loaded, and if he had any decency, he’d stand down from TV altogether, and let someone with a brighter future, such as Stephen Mulhern, take over.

While I’ve not seen much of Britain’s Got Talent over the years – which he co-presents with Declan Donnelly, as it’s not my sort of show, I’ve seen enough of that, and also Mr Mulhern on various programmes, to know that he has a more family-friendly persona, and one which isn’t tainted with the crime of drink-driving.

His ex-wife, Lisa Armstrong, a make-up artist, has been dumped by the show, too, just as he’s returning to work, since ITV decided for the two of them to work together is “untenable”. So why is she being made to pay for HIS mistake? As a result, I do hope she took him to the cleaners when they divorced in October this year. And they should also ensure she gets plenty of work elsewhere on ITV.

If you’re one of the few people who don’t know why he’s been off our screens for a while, it was just in March this year when he got drunk and crashed into another car, which contained a mother with her young child. He was charged with offence, fined £86,000 and subsequently banned from driving for 20 months.

In August this year, he said he was taking a break from TV until 2019, but instead of ITV seeing sense and replacing him with Mulhern for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, we got Holly Willoughby who only seems to be on TV because she has big breasts.

In the end, you’d think Ant would steer (pun not intended) clear for a good while, but no… he will be back for 2019, and for Britain’s Got Talent. Ugh!