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Battlefield 4

A new Battlefield game hits the shores in Battlefield 4 and another series of levels which each last an hour or so and see you going from A to B, leading your men and blowing the enemy into next week, unless they get you first.

I could go into detail about your mission and what you’re meant to do, aside from the early on where you have to evacuate American VIPs from Shanghai, but regular fans of the series will be familiar with what to expect in what is again a linear first-person-shooter, although that’s not a problematic issue, it’s just the way the franchise works. What I will detail is the stunning locations in which you’re about to set foot, such as Baku, Shanghai, South China Sea, Singapore, Tashgar, Kunlun Mountains and Suez.

Battlefield 4: Lots of cool shit kicking off (720p HD)

Some good points about the game:

  • Pressing R2 to ‘Engage’ when prompted will highlight all the baddies in the area so that your men can rain down bullets on them. Similarly, there are occasionally friendly forces in the area and by doing the same thing, you can effectively ask them to unleash hell on the enemy as well.

  • It does feel good in terms of putting you right in the heat of the action, so for example, I’ll be stood behind a pillar and as the enemy is firing at me while I reload, bits of the pillar will ping off as you’d expect when bullets hit them. However, this isn’t a perfect system. The game talks about how you can reduce skyscrapers to rubble, but not everything has this built into it so when in the Shanghai level, a tank is chasing after me and I’m giving it the runaround so I can find somewhere safe to place a landmine for it to drive over, it frequently boomed out its shells but they all hit a minor piece of concrete which comes across as completely impregnable. That looks a bit ridiculous, really, but it’s nothing new in games. You can see this fairly late on in the video shown within this review.

    Last decade’s Red Faction series had a similar feature, with similar good and ridiculous results.

  • Aurally, there’s sound to wake up the dead in Battlefield 4, especially in the aforementioned tank scene which was giving my subwoofer a run for its money. There are also some lush graphics to behold, but sometimes it doesn’t quite go to plan as the tank’s turret shows in the video below, as it pokes through the wall…

Go to page 2 for some gripes about the single-player campaign, as well as info about the multiplayer game.

Battlefield 4: Tank sticks gun turret through a wall (720p HD)


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