Beyond Good And Evil 20th Anniversary Edition on PC / Steam – The DVDfever Review

Beyond Good And Evil Beyond Good And Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is out now, and has returned in this new update for modern systems. The game originally released back in 2003 on Windows, Original Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube to above average reviews but not many folk actually bought it for some strange reason but since then has gained a cult following.

Back in 2011, there was a HD Remaster for Xbox Live and Playstation Network with updated textures, updated character models and a modified soundtrack as well as adding achievements / trophies and an online leaderboard.

What we have with this latest release includes a new Speedrun mode which removes the cutscenes and has a leaderboard to go with it, plus new cosmetic outfits for Jade, Double H and Pey’j. There is also remastered music, of which 15 pieces have been re-recorded by an orchestra, a new set of achievements and many pieces of artwork, storyboards and videos from initial conception to full release in the Anniversary Gallery. Just to top things off, you also have full new controller support on PC (natively supporting Xbox, Playstation and Switch controllers and their respective icons) as well as keyboard and mouse.

Beyond Good And Evil 20th Anniversary Edition – PS5 Full Gameplay 100% Platinum Walkthrough [4k 60fps] – Ben-Gun

The game, itself, is essentially what we played back in 2003. The Domz (what you been up to now Dom?!) and the Alpha Sector Soldiers are there to protect the people of Hillys – or are they?! Photojournalist Jade sets out with her uncle Pey’j to find out just what is going on and ends up joining a resistance group to expose just what is happening.

The story and characters are some of the best ever created in my opinion. Everyone is just so likeable, and the bad guys are different to what you would normally get – Prey (2006) is kinda similar in what the bad guys are doing.

The locations are nicely different, pretty big and fun to explore as you will find animals you may not have took a photo of or find another health heart etc. The Alpha Sectors and caves etc play in a similar way, but could see you having to knock enemies into charged posts to open a way forwards or dodging laser lines and so on. Things get mixed up a bit once you enter the 3rd and fourth races, which see you enter an area that you explore on foot and with the hovercraft.

The older game design does show at times, with needing so many pearls to be able to get the required upgrades very late in the game. At this point, you will have almost enough pearls, but beating the guy in the bar a second time is extremely tough and some areas get locked off in the levels, meaning you may not be able to get a creature photo. Thankfully, some of the caves – like the Volcano you can enter – has a good 8 pearls or so to get you what you will need, so exploration is key towards the end of the game. Additionally, instead of a single load for a level, you do get it loading in sections, given the way it was designed in the first place for older hardware – thankfully, the loading is quick and unobtrusive.

Beyond Good And Evil 20th Anniversary Edition – Nintendo Switch Gameplay – ContraNetwork

The visuals and sound direction were always stunning, and they have really put a lot of work into this 20th Anniversary Edition. All the textures and lighting have been redone and upscaled so you have great, sharp visuals and superb detail with effects and things like the motif on Jade’s satchel. The game always looked great, but seeing it in QHD and maxed out at 60fps is something else.

Beyond Good And Evil 20th Anniversary Edition isn’t a massively long game, but is always worth playing through. There is a treasure hunt in the latter half, which will have you revisiting previous areas to unlock a container that gives you an item with another code to use elsewhere. If you do this, you get a video about Jade’s past and linking it to the forthcoming Beyond Good And Evil 2 (still being worked on, from what I have read). I certainly hope this new edition of the game spurs the developers on with the long anticipated sequel.

Beyond Good And Evil isn’t just a game, it is an bona fide unique experience, and one that folk should play through at least once. It’s highly recommended, which is even better at the low £18 price point.

Thanks to our friends at Ubisoft for the review code.

Beyond Good And Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is out now on PC / Steam and the digital stores for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Important info:

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Players: Single player only, Online Leaderboard for Speedrruns

    Beyond Good And Evil 20th Anniversary Edition – Launch Trailer – Ubisoft