Sigil Review (DOOM) – The DVDfever PC Review

Sigil is a new expansion episode to the 1993 classic DOOM, a phenomenon which defined my PC gaming experience back then.

DOOM, programmed by John Romero – who I met at Revival 2014, was released in December 1993, but it was in the summer of 1994 when a friend put together my first ever PC, a mighty powerful 386 sx33! It ran this treasure like a charm. Before too long, DOOM II: Hell on Earth was released in September 1994, and at some point soon after, I had to upgrade the PC to a 486 dx66 processor to get the best out of it.

The review includes gameplay which includes all the delights that a DOOM game has to offer!

Most of this gameplay sees me on the second-easiest difficulty (Hey, not too rough), as it’s the only way to at least learn the levels first time round.

Check out the Sigil review below, along with gameplay: