Beyond Two Souls on Playstation 3 – The DVDfever Review & Full Video Walkthrough

Beyond Two Souls

All that said, if you persevere with it, this is a game which grows on you – not least as the relationship does between Jodie and Nathan – and which caused me to stick with it until the very end – and there’s not many games that do that for me. Clearly, the early reviews which came out – and which slammed it for it not having much to do under the player’s control – did not give it the time required to get into this. Metro gave it 2/5, for example. Shame on them.

After the monumental The Last Of Us, which is going to take some beating as my Game Of The Year, due to it being an incredible experience from start to finish, Beyond Two Souls also attracted me because it has two outstanding guest stars in the two main roles, and two stars who embody their characters and make you feel for their plight in the way the whole thing is constructed. It’s quite an eye-opener if you follow them on their full journey.

That said, even though it’s easier for them both to read their lines, they both prove that they haven’t been brought on just for their star status – they both lend their gravitas to the game and provide a richly rewarding experience that’s all the better for their inclusion.

Beyond Two Souls Walkthrough: Part 02 – The Embassy (720p HD)

A quick note about other key elements – the graphics are fine, but I’ve downrated them slightly because it’s not like they have to DO an awful lot because the game is mostly like a movie, as compared to most other games which are have to react to your movements; and soundwise, the audio is just superb in DTS 5.1.

Note that when I recorded the gaming footage, for the first few levels as I got into the game, the recording used was from my second run through of the level. Once I got into it, and the levels got longer and I didn’t really want to play a level a second time, I just gave them the once-through and edited out and long scenes of faffing about. This means there are ‘warts and all’ errors popping up, though, as I take a wrong turn from time to time.

Each time, I used the PS3 joypad, but for the recording of Level 3: The Party, I used the mobile ‘Beyond’ app on my Android for the first – and only – time. It was very difficult to get the hang of. Rather then record it again using the joypad, I left it in so you can see how it’s not easy to use.

Note that the Special Edition features:

  • Premium steel book
  • Exclusive extra game scene
  • Game soundtrack
  • Dynamic themes
  • Avatar pack
  • Making Of Featurettes

Beyond Two Souls Walkthrough: Part 03 – The Party (720p HD)

Important info:

  • Publisher: Sony
  • Standard Price: £39.99 (PS3)
  • Players: 1
  • HDTV options: 720p
  • PAL; Region 2
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: English



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