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  • Cert:
  • KK 41003
  • Running time: 111 minutes
  • Year: 1975
  • Pressing: 2001
  • Region(s): 2, PAL
  • Chapters: 13
  • Sound: Mono
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: None
  • Fullscreen: 4:3
  • 16:9-Enhanced: No
  • Macrovision: Yes
  • Disc Format: DVD 9
  • Price: £9.99
  • Extras: None


      Michael Cole


      Michael Cole


      Derek Griffiths


      John Le Mesurier & Maggie Henderson

Nostalgia at the ready! Bod is here!

Put all other DVDs aside and make way for the release of the year as thechildren’s TV show with the most memorable theme tune hits a quarter-century.Maybe I missed something in the sexual reproduction part of my school Biologylessons but is Bod male or female? I thought Bod was male but appears to weara dress of some kind.

All that needs to be said now is: Frank the Postman, Aunt Flo, Farmer Barlimowand PC Copper, to complete the picture!

This DVD combines all 13 into one release including :

  • Bod’s Dream: Bod goes sleepwalking and falls down a hole,taking almost everyone else with him, as he finds a big bowl of strawberriesand cream.
  • Bod and the Apple: Bod throws an apple up in the air, but itdoesn’t come down. Everyone else arrives to wait with him.
  • Bod on the Beach: No prizes for guessing which location the ganghead down to this time, but why do the professional types still insist onwearing their working gear on the beach?

Also included is Alberto the Frog & His Amazing Animal Band in the fivesections that appear at the end of the same number of Bod episodes, althoughthey can be selected individually. This is the famous point where we have toguess what type of mmmmmmilkshake Alberto will have today. I think it’sstrawberry, myself. For the completists, it’s followed up with a game of”Bod Snap”.

In one of these sections, Alberto comes across a field of miserable cows.That’s nothing compared to how miserable some are feeling as foot-and-mouthrages up and down the country!

As you’d expect, those sections, when accessed separately, are labelled from1 to 5, but what happens for the one marked “?” You’ll have to see the DVDto find out.

The episodes included are :

1. Bod’s Dream
2. Bod in the Park
3. Bod and the Rain
4. Bod and the Breakfast
5. Bod and the Apple
6. Bod on the Beach
7. Bod and the Dog
8. Bod and the Cake
9. Bod and the Kite
10. Bod and the Birds
11. Bod and the Grasshopper
12. Bod’s Present
13. Bod and the Cherry Tree

As you’d expect, the programme is shot in standard 4:3. Artifacts andprint dropouts are non-existant during Alberto the Frog’s section as theywere shot separately, but the Bod episodes themselves are looking a tad theworse for wear. Still, I don’t care. I’ve been waiting for Bod for ages!The average bitrate is an excellent and steady 8.42Mb/s.

The sound is clear with funky theme tunes for each of the characters, allof which are reproduced on the main menu in the background after Bod “arrives”.

Alas there are no extras or subtitles, but the chaptering is fine with onefor each of the 13 episodes, plus the extra aforementioned selection to go tothe start of each of Alberto’s scenes.

It’s worth noting that the original Bod video releases contained no “milkshake”parts as those were under licence from another company, so I’m very pleasedto see the programmes complete and uncut!


Review copyright © Dominic Robinson, 2001.

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