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Boo Bitch Boo, Bitch takes in the life of Erica Vu (Lana CondorX-Men Apocalypse), coming to the end of her time at high school – a place where in 2022, all the kids are on anxiety meds. That was never the case in my day. What happened in the intervening time?

Still, there’s the matter of prom is coming up, and only just finding out that the school has a ‘senior text list’ with all the cool information on it.

Both Erika and her bestie, Gia (Zoe Colletti) want to go to Jake C’s (Mason Versaw) party because they feel they haven’t lived in their time at high school, which is compounded from the remembering (if it really happened?) about a girl, there, who gave birth without realising she was pregnant, so they really haven’t lived!

Additionally, no-one knows who our lead really is, but instead of being known as Erika Vu – her real name, they think she’s “Helen Who” for reasons she soon discovers. Hence, since as the series begins, there’s 60 days until graduation, she still has time to rebalance her high school legacy.

At one point, the pair get dissed and effectively chucked out of a party. That happened to me once from a lad who was supposed to be one of my best friends, and it was at the house of another lad who was a complete *expletive deleted*. I never forgave him for that, and he didn’t seem at all fussed. That was around 1988 and this programme has just reminded me of that, although deep down, I’ve never really forgotten it. I would happily like to smash their heads into the pavement.

Then again, at the time, we’d recently seen Tango and Cash in the cinema, and there’s a line about being ‘FUBAR’ (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition), and soon after, my so-called friend submitted a reference to that for the school yearbook, but they misspelled it, so it came out: “Never to be FURBAR”. We all laughed at him, and rightly so…

…Many moons later, I had an email from someone saying he was getting married, and did I have any quotes I could give. Ohhh, yes, I can! So, almost 30 years later, I was glad I could rub that back in his face from afar.

Now, for Erika, she’s not about to take it lying down in the immediate term, but how can she turn things around? She desperately wants to chat to Jake C, the hottest lad in school, even though he’s twinned with the domineering Riley (Aparna Brielle), but can she do this without making a prat of herself?

Well, in the two episodes I’ve seen (which was enough for me out of the 8), this series certainly gives some positive messages in that respect, but there are more surprises to be found that I won’t spoil here.

I will give one annoyance with Boo, Bitch, however, in that it doesn’t give a list of the cast with their characters, just states the names of everyone in it. Grrr!

All that said, school doesn’t matter a jot if this happens to you, because most other kids at school are dickheads, and once you leave, you’ll be glad to leave them behind.

Additionally, in episode 1 when Erika and her friend, Gia, are eating dinner with Erika’s family before going out, they’ve already got changed into their best gear, BUT, are eating whilst still wearing it before going out. AND they’re eating spaghetti bolognese! If anything’s going to make a hell of a mess, it’s that!

Thanks to our friends at Netflix for the screener prior to release.

Boo, Bitch! is not available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but is on Netflix from Friday July 8th.

Boo, Bitch – Official Trailer – Netflix

Detailed specs:

Running time: 25-30 minutes per episode (8 episodes)
Release date: July 8th 2022
Studio: Netflix
Format: 2.00:1

Director: Lauren Iungerich
Producers: Arlyn Richardson, Nellie Rachel Nugiel
Writers: Eric Ehrlich, Lauren Iungerich
Creators: Tim Schauer, Kuba Soltysiak, Erin Ehrlich, Lauren Iungerich
Music: Kovas

Erika Vu: Lana Condor
Gia: Zoe Colletti
Lea: Jami Alix
Jake C: Mason Versaw
Riley: Aparna Brielle
Mrs. Vu: Cathy Vu
Dr Vu: John Brantley Cole
Ms. Dollar: Mary Aldousary
Sophia: Brittany Bardwell
Emma: Madison Thompson
Felix: Zachary Fineman
Brad: Reid Miller
Gavin: Tenzing Norgay Trainor
Alyssa: Alyssa Jirrels
Devon: Jason Genao
Chase: Nick Benson
Margo: Nikki Castillo
Archer: Austin Fryberger
Jake W: Conor Husting
Jake M: Michael Solomon
Oliver Vu: Van Brunelle