Borgen’s ‘Katrine Fønsmark’ in tomorrow’s Midsomer Murders: The Killings of Copenhagen on ITV

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I’ll be honest and say that Midsomer Murders isn’t top of my list for a usual evening’s viewing, but then things changed today. I’m a huge fan of Borgen and I learned that found out that Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, aka intrepid TV1 reporter and PA to Birgitte Nyborg Katrine Fønsmark, will star in the show’s 100th episode, The Killings of Copenhagen, tomorrow night at 8pm on ITV.

Since Britain’s most popular crime drama, Midsomer Murders, is also Denmark’s most popular imported show, when it came to filming its 100th episode, Copenhagen was the perfect location. This milestone episode sees a 2-disc release courtesy of Acorn Media, part of the RLJ Entertainment group, in unique and collectable O-ring packaging.

The Killings of Copenhagen features Nordic Noir alumni, award-winning Danish actors Ann Eleonora Jorgensen (The Killing), Birgitte Hjort Sorensen (Borgen), Marie Askehave (The Killing , Borgen) and Nicolaj Kopernikus (The Killing , The Bridge) and the DVD is released along with a full-length making of the episode feature on April 7th 2014.

Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon Life of Riley) and Nelson (Gwilym Lee Restless) join forces with two female detectives when the boss of a Midsomer biscuit company is found dead in Denmark. Poulsen (Ann Eleonora Jorgensen) and Degn (Birgitte Hjort Sorensen) are city detectives, sceptical about working with coppers from a sleepy English village. But Barnaby and Nelson soon discover the dead man had more linking him to Copenhagen than just his famous Golden Clusters.

Despite its picture postcard setting, more than 300 people have died before their time in Midsomer. A further nine have died from natural causes. There will have been 281 murders, 12 accidental deaths and 11 suicides by the time that the 100th episode is transmitted. The most dangerous village with the highest death toll is Badger’s Drift, setting of the very first episode and UK base for the 100th.

Bizarre and gruesome murder implements since the series began include death by cow, electrocution from a faulty microphone, death by poisonous frog, a French guillotine, a hatpin in the ear, bottles of relish, a tower of newspapers, a gargoyle from a roof and shelves of Midsomer Blue cheese.

Midsomer Murders attracts top viewing figures on ITV and is one of the UK’s best programming exports with sales to 225 territories, from Afghanistan to Zambia. It is also a hit on Facebook, where the official page has over 125,000 fans.

Special features: Full-length making of documentary

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