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Braquo Season 3 is something that I didn’t know had yet been made when the press release dropped into my inbox, but upon seeing it I was all “Mon dieu! It’s time for more Eddy Caplan!”


Picking up right where we left off, Vogel (Geoffroy Thiebaut) is still gloating about “Four minus one”, after the car is still burning, in which Theo was sat as it exploded.

The hunt is then on for the crooked ex-cop, who tries to pull the alibi that that he has nothing to do with it because he was beaten up by all 3 of the male cops out of our favourite quartet. At the same time, he is seen also hiding out in a country house rented by a hot French chick called Orianne (Lizzie Brocheré, bottom pic) who, like Roxanne Delgado (Karole Rocher), also looks like she needs a damn good wash.

However, our bereft cops can’t spend all 8 episodes moping around, so just 15 minutes in, Eddy Caplan (Jean-Hugues Anglade) gets a call from Roland Vibert (Antoine Basler), a man he put away some time ago and who is now out, yet still pissed off with Caplan, but who says he has something he needs to tell our hero. There’s a potential lot of illegal stuff about to be coming in at the haulage depot where he works.

Everything that follows interweaves and there’s a lot of double-crossing going on, as a war is set to break out on French soil between the Russian mafia, the Georgians and the Armenians.


Key characters – and it’s a credit to the writers that they can juggle so many and they ALL remain memorable – are led by Atom Paradjanov (Arsène Jiroyan), an Armenian who has his fingers in way too many pies; Mikhaïl Pavlovitch (Xavier Schliwanski) – who, like a typical baddie, is always eating when someone turns up to quiz him, while the actor playing him looks like a cross between Stewart Lee and Charlie Brooker – and Levani Jordania (Mark Ivanir, who starred alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman in the engaging drama A Late Quartet), are both ‘Vor v zakone’., aka ‘thief in law’, or a big cheese in the thug world.

On the cop front, there’s a new guy, Andreas Megrelishvili (Ivan Franek), who has a look of Gerard Butler about him. He has his own very interesting story to tell, which will unveil as the season does.

All the actors in the main cop roles – Jean-Hugues Anglade, Joseph Malerba and Karole Rocher – are on fine form as usual, but how does Nicolas Duvauchelle fare as Théo Vachewski? …well, you’ll just have to watch the programme to find out.

And despite being so busy, Caplan still finds time to shave his upper arms and get his back waxed.

Going strong into its third season, Braquo Season 3 is still nothing less than compelling, must-see drama. Episode 6 is one of my favourite in this series, for reasons which will become apparent when you watch it 🙂

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