Cassetteboy – Emperor’s New Clothes rap – new mash-up video

CassetteboyCassetteboy have many strings to their bow including making mash-up videos, and their latest is Emperor’s New Clothes rap, mixing many elements of Prime Minister David Cameron’s and George Osborne’s conference speeches, plus a segment from UKIP leader Nigel Frange, into one 2-3-minute bite-sized video.

This is a great video, and I enjoyed it, but then…. Russell Brand appeared. That “I have never voted” blowhard who stopped being funny many years ago and pretends to be political but just comes across as shouting a lot.

I can’t think of political party who will be the answer – and we’ll most likely end up with another coalition situation, but whoever you vote for – and for whatever reason everyone is entitled to their vote and opinion – do go to the ballot box, even if it’s only to spoil your ballot. 

I make a number of videos myself on my DomSezXL Youtube channel, but haven’t made a new one in a while. I need to get back into those.

Check out Emperor’s New Clothes rap from Cassetteboy below: