Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt – a great new mash-up!

Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt is another new mash-up from Cassetteboy. This one is quite phenomenal as it mixes in varies statements from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to the backing track of The Village People’s YMCA.

Anyone who’s read my blog about my aortic valve replacement operation knows just how much I’ve got out of the NHS over the years. Without it, I’d have been dead at 12 days old & couldn’t moan incessantly about widescreen aspect ratios.

This video came about in the wake of the the Junior Doctors’ strike which took place yesterday and today. The whole situation is about a new contract being imposed on them which will see most of them worse off financially. As it is, a lot of junior doctors work 70+ hours a week. They’re performing life-saving tasks, so they need respect and pay that reflects the work they do. Make sure you support them.

And Cassetteboy had me at “Running down the NHS is one of my successes” 🙂

Check out the Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt video below: