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  • Ages 5 and up
  • Price: £12.99
  • Players: 1
  • Battery Requirements: 1 x AAA (not included) and 1 x LR44 (included)CoverDamn, this thing’s cute.

    A few years ago the Tamagotchi craze took off. Long gone were the days of theold “Game and Watch” hand-helds, but then came something else to slip betweenyour fingers and press a few buttons. However, the Tamagotchi made you feellike you had to care for a virtual pet and that’s the game plan here.

    Before you begin to play with your new mate, you’ll need to pull out thetab which activates the watch battery (LR44) that’s included, while oneremote control-style battery is required to be placed inside the top of itshead through the white cap, which only seems to make his arms move, but moreon this later.

    Every day when he wakes up, he’ll give you a choice of two identities to choose,in terms of the way his eyes look. Play with him by tapping on his head whichwill make him display funny faces or bleep at you which sounds like a way forhim to sing. Leave him for a while and he’ll go to sleep, with the blindscoming down on his face.

    Chibibotto can transform into 15 different characters with 280 pages ofanimation. He can blink, wink, shut his eyes and can take on the guise ofanimals like fish, pandas, rabbits, crabs and more.

    You can also play a specific game by tapping patterns on his head, whichindicate symbols such as a square and a crescent moon. Get them in the rightorder, listed in the manual or see if you can find it by trial and error.Don’t tap him too much though or he’ll shake his fists when excited or angered.

    Another useful function is the clock and alarm included, although if youare a heavy sleeper, don’t expect it to wake you up on a Monday morning forwork!

    Overall, it’s cute, simple and fun. It doesn’t cost a great deal as well andyou can have a play with it while at work if your boss isn’t looking.

    Review copyright © Dominic Robinson, 2000.

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