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Clickbait Clickbait initially centers around Pia (Zoe KazanThe Big Sick), who works in social care and has little in her life other than drinking a lot and searching on a Tinder-style for a man.

In her work, she chances upon a video where a man says if it gets five million views, he’s going to die. As chance would have it, the man holding up a sign with all kinds of accusations written on it is her brother, Nick (Adrian Grenier). Cue her going on the hunt for Nick, who hasn’t shown up for work, and leading to his wife, Sophie (Betty GabrielDefending Jacob), asking Pia if Nick put her up to this as some sort of joke, to which Pia counters “In what way is this funny(?)”

As is typical with Youtube, the Youtube-like website featured in the drama does have an option to flag the video, but “We’ll review it within 48 hours”, and they don’t have a contact number. Yep, Youtube are chuffing annoying in that respect. Same for Facebook and Twitter.

So, the police will fix this, right? Erm…

Phoenix Raei as Detective Roshan Amiri, a Missing Persons cop who’s ‘gunning’ for
working in Homicide. Gunning? Eh? Eh? No, you shut up…

Needless to say, videos go viral and this one will, but what happens at 5 million views? Anything? All I can say is that the way this pans out in such a short space of time is so clichéd.

After two episodes, I’m getting the idea that each one follows on directly from the last, but concentrates on a different character. The first is Pia, while the second is Detective Roshan Amiri (Phoenix Raei), who met Pia online early on in the first episode, so… AWKWARD!

Clickbait’s problem is that it’s too light on content, there’s no real drama, and after two episodes, I don’t care if Nick’s dead or alive, since all we really see of him in the opener is him shouting at lot at Pia. So, if he’s been bumped off, fine!

Plus, in those two, the plot got about as far as I expected it to within part of the first episode, so this is way too slow.

Oh, and there’s bad acting when Roshan starts remonstrating with his boss, shouting in anger but without any anger.

Click off!

Clickbait is not available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but is on Netflix now.

Clickbait – Official Trailer – Netflix

Episodes 1-2 Score: 3/10

Detailed specs:

Running time: 45-50 mins per episode
Release date: August 25th 2021
Studio: Netflix
Format: 2.00:1

Series Directors: Brad Anderson, Emma Freeman, Cherie Nowlan, Ben Young
Producers: Tom Hoffie, Joanna Werner
Creators: Tony Ayres, Christian White
Writers: Tony Ayres, Christian White, Melissa Scrivner-Love, Bradford Winters, Pete McTighe
Music: Cornel Wilczek

Pia Brewer: Zoe Kazan
Detective Roshan Amiri: Phoenix Raei
Ethan Brewer: Camaron Engels
Kai Brewer: Jaylin Fletcher
Sophie Brewer: Betty Gabriel
Nick Brewer: Adrian Grenier
Matt Aldin: Ian Meadows
Andrea Brewer: Elizabeth Alexander
Ben Park: Abraham Lim
Dawn Gleed: Becca Lish
Det. Majano: Salme Geransar
Emma Beesly: Jessica Collins
Det. Zach De Luca: Steve Mouzakis
Linda: Emily Goddard
Jenny: Mia Challis
Jeannine Murphy: Kate Lister
Vince: Jack Walton
Alice: Renee Lim
Jessica Centeno: Alexis Watt
Det. Josephson: Ezra Bix
Paula: Adel Della
Det. Feldman: Dean Cartmel