Cold In July – Official Trailer #1 – Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard Thriller HD

cold-in-julyCold In July stars Michael C. Hall as Richard Dane, a man who has a life-changing moment when a burglar breaks into his house and he kills them. The burglar is the son of a convict, who’s just out of jail, and Dane has to protect his family from the poop that’s about to hit the fan when the ex-con comes calling.

Directed by Jim Mickle and also starring Sam Shepard, Don Johnson and Vinessa Shaw, Hall is an incredible actor as proved in Six Feet Under, then Dexter – but not in Gamer! However, fans of his, like myself, will be pleased to learn that Cold in July, a noir thriller set in 1989, is released on June 27th.

Check out the trailer below: