Dan Aykroyd makes disgraceful knife jokes on Sunday Brunch

Dan Aykroyd Dan Aykroyd (right, with Claire Goose) dropped a huge clanger or three on Sunday Brunch, yesterday.

I watched the second half of it on C4+1 at the time, but there were three times when the picture went to a “Sorry, we can’t show this on +1” message, something usually reserved for swearing.

I only caught up with what I missed today, and he really didn’t do himself any favours.

He didn’t swear, but first, during a cooking section – and the morning after the terrorist attacks in London including on London Bridge, and on the same day as the One Love Manchester concert, he was first grinning away while brandishing a very sharp kitchen knife, with Simon commenting on how he’d seen him do that.

Then during an interview, he slammed last year’s Ghostbusters reboot‘s director Paul Feig for ignoring their suggestions on scenes the film needed, and how it didn’t do well on test audiences because it really needed those other scenes, and how Feig also spent $30-40m on reshoots, adding, “so he won’t be back on the Sony lot any time soon”. So, there’s some slander.

A short time after, they showed the original Ghostbusters clip where Bill Murray gets slimed and is rolling about on the floor afterwards, and Dan Aykroyd said, “He looks like he’s been knifed, or something”.

Cue embarrassed looks from Tim and Simon!

I don’t know how much they’ve cut out of it on demand, on All 4, or whether they’ve just shown the +1 version, because at each ad break you have to sit through three minutes of adverts, and I’ve not got that time to waste.

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