Dapper Laughs ITV2 show cancelled – discussion (Channel 4 News, 10.11.14)

dapper-laughsDapper Laughs, supposed comedian and total Prat of the Year, has had his ITV2 show, On The Pull, cancelled.

Student and feminist campaigner Vicky Chandler and comedian Alfie Brown discuss this on Channel 4 News, given the news this evening that the programm has been cancelled following a 50,000-strong petition to get him off the air.

Example ‘jokes’ by Dapper Laughs:

  • “If she cries, she’s just playing hard to get”
  • “Get your arm swing just right when you’re walking and you occasionally touch a bit of ***** by ‘mistake’, they love it.”
  • “If she’s looking at me and playing with her hair, by the end of the night she’ll need a wheelchair”

You can see the petition here.

Check out the discussion below: