Darkanoid – a sideways Arkanoid, out now on Steam

Darkanoid Darkanoid is a sideways version of Arkanoid, but with a dark background. The Survival style also introduces scrolling into the mix, as the blocks come at you and you have to destroy them either with skill or (if you can get a weapon) bullets!

It’s quite a fun game, but it will test your nerves when all hell breaks loose. And it’s only a couple of quid, so give it a whirl!

Relased by Shezo Games, there’s also a demo version available for download on Steam, so you can even try it for free!

Check out the gameplay videos below:

Darkanoid – Classic Gameplay (PC, 1080p, 60fps)

Darkanoid – Survival Gameplay (PC, 1080p, 60fps)