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Dead Rising

Dead Rising Triple Pack: Published by Capcom, responsible for two of my favourite games – Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas), and one of my favourite Gamecube games (Viewtiful Joe) – this package comprises of Dead Rising 1 (2006, Xbox 360 only), Dead Rising 2 (2010, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (basically, DR2 but with DR1’s protagonist).

As a full-price game with two full games and one that’s more a rehash, I would’ve preferred just one and two at 2/3 of the price.

Now if you didn’t know Dead Rising, it’s a survival horror (not really) beat-em up (I mean you just smash zombies in the face). Obviously, the story in these type of games are second-best to the concept of smashing zombies, however I do find myself enjoying these particular stories and are chuckling away at the random difficulties of everyday life in a horror game. Simply put, Frank West – the main protagonist, is a journalist visiting a mall and becomes surrounded by zombies which he needs to beat off with a stick. There are a number of different side missions as well as the main story, and depending on your choices the game can end in different ways.

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Dead Rising 2 follows a similar style. iT’S set 5 years later, where zombies are pretty common in the world in which they live. Chuck Greene is a former motocross champion, entering some kind of crazy reality game so he can raise money to buy medicine which will prevent his daughter from turning into a zombie. Of course, Chuck needs to venture off far and wide to obtain said medicine, and has to beat many a zombie on his travels. Pretty messed up stuff. DR2 also has a multiplayer mode where you can play against your friends online and compete by killing as many zombies as you can.

So, is this game worth your money and what have they improved? Because let’s be honest not many 2006 games are still enjoyable in their original form.

The graphics are a real disappointment. okay, so they’ve never been groundbreaking, they’ve always been modern enough to not bother you. I’m not a graphical expert, nor a graphical geek, and I’ve always said that I am just a gamer who loves games. However, to my untrained eye, I would say that they really have made no improvement to DR1, but a slight improvement to DR2. For me, this isn’t good enough as the games don’t particularly look amazing as it is. That said, it’s not the type of game you play for amazing graphics. This isn’t The Last of Us, for example.

In reviewing this package, I revisited the original games and I decided there are slight graphical improvements, but so far not enough for me to encourage you to draw out your money and start spending. Hence, they get a 6/10. I would have expected better guys.

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