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Dead Space RemakeDead Space Remake Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake: This game is back in a big way. The remake was announced around the same time as The Callisto Protocol, which is another deep space sci-fi game in a similar mould, by the original Dead Space creators. So while those developers were off doing their new thing, Motive were tasked with remaking the original title, which first came out in 2008.

I have always enjoyed third-person survival horror, and used to get in from work at 1am in the late 90’s, and play Silent Hill and Resident Evil on the PS1. I went through those games so many times, and when I got my first PC, System Shock 2 and Nocturne were my first purchases, and later the original Blair Witch Trilogy. I kept my PS1 and loved the Resident Evil sequels as well as the Dreamcast’s Code Veronica. Post-2000, when the PS2 was released, Silent Hill 2 was released, and in all fairness, nothing has surpassed it to this day…

I did enjoy Dead Space when it was released but I won’t lie I have never finished it. Got around halfway through it, to just after the turret section, and interest dwindled as I was playing loads of RPGs at the time that I had missed.

Here we are in 2023, and the game has been remade from the ground up, much like the remake of Mafia that I reviewed a while back. This isn’t just an upscale of textures and new lighting like many remasters today, but everything has been redone with new gameplay elements included and a seamless ship.

So we have: Issac Clarke – check! Ishimura (derelict spaceship) – check! and Necromorphs – check!

What else do you REALLY need?!

Dead Space Remake – Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] – No Commentary – MKIceAndFire

So Issac Clarke a ship engineer and his crew have to land on the Ishimura; a planet destroying mining ship worth millions. The ship has gone silent so Issac & co (mainly Issac) have to get it up and running again before it collides with a nearby planet and work out what has gone on. This really sounds similar to the plot of the awesome classic movie Even Horizon with a bit of Alien thrown in for good measure.

Essentially, we have the exact same game that launched in 2008 with a few changes to some areas, new visuals and sound, and some decent side missions.

The two biggest gameplay changes are the Zero G areas and new circuit breakers. For the former, you now have full 3D control of Issac, instead of hopping from one angled platform to another. This is a really good addition, allowing a bit extra exploration, and it changes up a few of the areas, like getting the spinning core up and running again after attaching the arms. You will also come across circuit breakers now, where you shift fuses from an active power line to another. This could plunge you into darkness while having to backtrack out of an area, or get access to a locked door that needs power.

Another really great change is the turret section midway through the game. Previously, you jumped in a gunner seat and shot the asteroids as they approached. Now, though, you have to go outside and activate the three defensive guns and then point at asteroids, as they head for the hull to destroy them, and calibrate the guns so they can then take care of things automatically. You have to do this before the hull damage becomes too much and without running out of oxygen. It is now a really tense scene, especially after the 2nd and 3rd gun, as you get attacked by Necromorphs each time.

Dead Space Remake – Infinite Nodes and Money Gliych – BulletGang45

With the visuals, everything has been built from the ground up. Textures and characters are looking a lot better than they used to. Issac’s suit looks awesome, and even more so when the lights go out and the health indicator gives off a blue glow in the dark. The lighting is very different to the original release, thanks to modern technology. You’ll find yourself, at times, carefully working your way through darkened corridors keeping one of your weapons in the ready position, as they have a light attached. There could be something lurking in a vent, or is the game just messing with you?! If things are a bit quiet, the developers have included random noises and events to keep you on your toes and alert!

The Necromorphs are the star of the show, though. You have the same-styled creatures as you did in the 2008 original, and to kill them, you have to dismember the limbs, rather than going for head shots. In the original game, you fired at the arms and legs, and after so many hits, the limb would come flying off. In the remake, however, as you hit said limb, you will start seeing bone and sinew as the shots make contact with blood splattering the environment, as well as Issac. This gives you indication as to how close you are to severing said limb.

The sound is absolutely superb throughout, and the biggest change is that Issac now has a voice, unlike the original game. Som in cutscenes, he interacts with the other NPCs when discussing what needs doing, moving forwards.

The whole ship is now seamless when going from area to area. Yes, you still have the transit system to get you to different areas of the ship, which open up as you play through each of the chapters, but other than that there are no loading screens once you are in-game.

The Dead Space Remake is an absolutely astounding success. You can see the developers love the original and have upgraded it for modern audiences with the ddedication in their work. Whether you have played the original or not, this remake is well worth picking up. Performance on my system: Ryzen 7 5700X, 16Gb ram, MSI RTX 3060Ti Gaming X and installed on a traditional 7200rpm (recommended SSD), the game runs flawlessly at 1440p resolution with ray tracing off and everything else set to Ultra.

Thanks to our friends at EA for supplying us the review code

Developer : Motive
Publisher : EA
Players : Single player only

Thanks to our friends at EA for the review code.

Dead Space Remake is out now on Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC.

Dead Space Remake – Official Launch Trailer | Humanity Ends Here

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