Deadpool rated 15 AND uncut by the BBFC

deadpool Deadpool is just over a week away and the BBFC have confirmed that not only has the film been rated 15, but it is also uncut. Now, as I’ve mentioned many times before, when a film is stated as being uncut, and it has come from 20th Century Fox, that usually means that it’s been shown to the BBFC, they have rated it a higher certificate, then it’s gone back to Fox who have made some ‘pre-cuts’ and then resubmitted it back to the BBFC who have rated the new version at the lower certificate and, thus, it shows up as “uncut”.

20th Century Fox really are sneaky fuckers when it comes to this. Sorry, sneaky ‘freakers’. You may be reading this before the watershed…

What else have they cocked up in recent times? As well as ALL three Taken movies for the cinema release (yet released as a ‘harder cut’ on DVD and Blu-ray), there’s A Good Day To Die Hard (censored 12-cert in the cinema, same on DVD, but uncut 15-cert on Blu-ray – in fact ALL the Die Hard movies from Die Hard 2 onwards, since only the first one escaped being censored in the cinema), and films which will not see the light of day uncut any time soon – Spectre (censored 12-cert for cinema and the home), Kingsman (censored 15-cert for cinema and the home), and Ben Stiller’s 2013 remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (censored PG-cert for cinema and the home).

However, while the violence in Deadpool‘s trailers pointed to a possible 18-cert, it’s equally possible that the 15-cert will be properly uncut, with none of that ‘pre-cuts’ flim flam, because he’s quickly dispatching the baddies without lingering on the deaths, and the blood will all be CGI, a la The Expendables 2.

While Ryan Reynolds stated on Friday’s The Graham Norton Show that the film would be a 15-cert, the rating has only just been announced on their Twitter feed today, and taken from the BBFC website, as they state, this text may contain spoilers (although it doesn’t to me, but I’ll wrap a spoiler tag around it):

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

So, check out the second Red Band trailer below, and get down the cinema on February 10th for Deadpool!