DeltaStar Earth Defense – announced for ZX Spectrum Next!

DeltaStar Earth Defense DeltaStar Earth Defense has today been announced by Adrian Cummings, who created the superb Dungeonette, the very first physical release for the computer, and which is released next month on download and physical SD card as shown in the review and unboxing within.

So far, for DeltaStar Earth Defense, the game is due for release in August, and one screenshot has been released as a teaser, below, while Adrian works on the game. As you can see, it’s a shoot-em-up, and not just a traditional Space Invaders-type game, but has a Galaxians feel as the enemies head down towards you in a bid to bump you off.

We’re really looking forward to this here, but let us know what you think about both DeltaStar Earth Defense and Dungeonette, and when it’s released, it will be available from Spectrum Next Games.

Check out the screenshot below and click on the packshot for the full-size image.