Dirt Rally PSVR DLC on PS4 – The DVDfever Review

Dirt Rally PSVR

Dirt Rally is out now as a DLC on Playstation VR, which is a miraculous piece of equipment and the best VR I have tried (although, I haven’t tried either of the PC equivalents). However, the biggest problem at the moment is the limited selection of titles you can purchase for it. Not only are the titles limited but must of them are more like mini-games then full features. Mainly due to the time it is taking companies to play about with the coding etc – be it in the name, this is where Codemasters have completely changed the game. Even though the game came out in April last year, they still decided to release a DLC enabling the whole game to have VR support. Legends!

Originally I didn’t review DiRT Rally so first of all I played it in the standard mode. After reading Darren’s review I found myself completely agreeing with him. The game excels in a number of areas, but just isn’t that fun. So the biggest question is: does VR support make DiRT Rally more fun?

Simply put, yes. After putting on my headset I was sceptical about what I was going to witness. The menus were still exactly the same and I thought they may have just rushed a job to get it done. Then, as I began an actual race, I realised that THIS is why VR was made. Hats off to Codemasters: you are no longer in your living room (or games room), you are in the car. You look to your left and see your co-driver; you look to the right and see outside the car; you look in front and see the dashboard. I have never been so deeply immersed in a game. I could speed across a range of amazing tracks at full speed and not ruin my car. I cannot think of enough accolades to explain just how exciting this game became. If only I had a steering wheel and a vibrating chair… (see the video below for a good example)

Dirt Rally + Motion + VR – probablyneverusethis

Something that I found remarkable about this DLC is how the graphics didn’t suffer whilst in VR mode. Recently, I have been playing Resident Evil 7 where you can see a noticeable difference in VR mode, whereas with DiRT, the game looks as astonishing in VR mode as it does turned off. My only one warning is that you will become so addicted to playing this that after a few hours you will start to get a headache and feel a little sick. This is a problem with VR and not a problem with the game (and the same with my excess of Jagerbombs in a nightclub)

Overall, this is one of the best DLC packages that I have ever played. This DLC turns a great game to an astonishing game. I honestly recommend that everyone with the game and VR need to buy the DLC, and if you don’t have the game then but it on PS4 and get the DLC. Even if you don’t like racing games, then this is still the best thing on VR at the moment and for £9.99 is an incredible bargain.

Overall: 10 – the best thing you can get on VR by a country mile.

Dirt Rally is out now on PS4 and , Xbox One and PC, and click on the packshot for the full-size version.

Dirt Rally PSVR – Official Trailer

Important info:

  • Publisher: Koch International
  • Players: single player campaign
  • HDTV options: up to 1080p
  • Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1