Moss on PS4 PSVR – The DVDfever Review

Moss is one of the more engaging titles I’ve played on the PSVR, with you as the little mouse, Quill, completing small but ingenious little puzzles (before their complexity increases), whilst looking effortlessly gorgeous and gloriously cute, and having a million bags of charm, making this a great game for young and old alike.

Each screen is like a puzzle from The Adventure Game or The Crystal Maze with the final outcome of each being little more than picking up scrolls, but the fact the task is small doesn’t matter because you’ll hugely enjoy going from A to B, often trying to shimmy across ledges like Lara Croft.

Given the virtual reality aspect, I often had to ‘look round’ areas of the screen to see where little Moss could go, as he shuffles his feet from A to B, and I loved that.

There was also a fantastic moment (one of many) when I fell down a hole as a nasty beetle was staring at me, and he started using his claws to pretend looking ‘high and low’ for me!

With gameplay lasting around 6 hours (or longer, if you’re not great at this sort of game) in total, this is a must-buy for PSVR owners. Check out the example gameplay footage below of one of the later screens to see how fab it is.

Score: 8/10
Subtitles: English: French, German, Japanese, Korean

Moss is out now on PS4 PSVR from the Playstation Store.

Moss – PS4 PSVR – Example Gameplay – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Developer: Polyarc
  • Publisher: Polyarc
  • Players: single-player