Don’t Buy This Remastered – E3 2018 – DVDfever Exclusive!

Don't Buy This Remastered Don’t Buy This Remastered has been announced on the quiet at E3 2018, and we have the exclusive news for you.

A not very popular game back on its 1985 release, Don’t Buy This Remastered originally comprised of five terrible games, and this new version will be developed in-house by Sony, and their spokesman, Shawn Layden, said, “We’re really proud to show this off as our flagship product for 2018 because, y’know, everything we showed at E3 2018 looked good, but hey, none of it’s coming out this year! And you remember that debacle when we had a 30-minute intermission, just ten minutes in? Well, we were going to show this off, but we screwed up, but that’s the Sony way.”

I would show you gaming footage, but like Nintendo with Metroid Prime 4 who haven’t bothered doing anything beyond creating a title card, thanks to another Sony screw-up, all I can show you at the moment is a picture of the original cover.

Don’t Buy This Remastered will be released in 1080p HD in 60fps on PC, ZX Spectrum Next and all popular consoles, and runs even faster on the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Atari VCS, all in 4K and HDR.

It won’t be on Nintendo Switch, because it really NEEDS to be played in 4K, and also has a 3D option. And, because, Sony says they’re not confident about handhelds unless they can get away with screwing people over with overpriced proprietary memory cards.

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Check out a video of the original game on RZX Archive here: