@Elevenish Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review

@elevenish @Elevenish is a new attempt to make a successor to the long-dead Channel 4 series The 11 O’Clock Show. The name stems from the fact that it’s broadcast around… yes, 11pm. The first episode started at 11.06pm, as it followed a live version of the dreadfully unfunny Celebrity Juice, and claims to be topical, looking at everything from the past seven days that people have been talking about, reading about and sharing online.

First up, Natasia Demetriou and Ellie White were making a joke out of the Calais Jungle, a refugee encampment housing around 4000 migrants, far more than it was originally made for. Maybe there’s a way to make a joke out of all this, but if there was then it was left out of this. Both Natasia and Ellie were great in the BBC Three sketch show People Time, made for BBC3’s Comedy Feeds, and Ms White was superb in the sadly-cancelled House Of Fools. But this was a poor start.

Somehow, Rhys James has 42,000 followers on Twitter, despite the bilge he incessantly posts. It falls as flat as his lame sketch comparing Maria Sharapova’s drugs admission to him having tiny dolls hands. WTF?!

Then there was Dane Baptiste, who made one of the dire Comedy Feeds, Sunny D, reminded us that he is black. That’s all I can remember, since he was just attempting to do roll out the tired old trope that Kevin Hart does, and neither are funny. Any of the rest of what he had to say was entirely forgettable.

Next up was Luke McQueen pretending to be a celebrity with members of the public not knowing who he was. And, iIstead of looking at the sugar tax or the benefits cuts, the biggest thing on Funmbi Omotayo‘s tiny mind was what’s inside George Osborne’s red briefcase? Insightful…

Overall, there was anything barely topical that mattered and even less that was funny.

It’s also trying to be trendy by making the title its Twitter username, @elevenish. Zzzz….

And there was nothing internet-wise about this show at all.

Apparently, it’s a rip-off of a US Comedy Central programme called @midnight. They certainly think so as per last night’s episode.

@Elevenish continues next Thursday at 10.50pm, since ITV2 are just fitting it around whatever crappy output they’re broadcasting yet again – oh, yes, another Celebrity Juice. Oh, and the continuity announcer claimed next week’s show is broadcast at 11pm. Perhaps he should’ve checked the schedules. Digiguide and RadioTimes.com have it confirmed as 10.50pm.

If you missed it, it might show up on the ITV Hub, but don’t worry if it doesn’t.

Elevenish – Series teaser – ITV2

Episode 1 Score: 0/10

Series Director: Tommy Forbes
Producer: Juliet Morrish
Sound: Wes Tastard

Written and performed by:
Dane Baptiste
Natasia Demetriou
Rhys James
Bobby Mair
Sarah Callaghan
Larry Dean
John Kearns
Luke McQueen
Funmbi Omotayo
Ellie White