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Elite: Mostly HarmlessAll voices are performed by Kate (below) – from Angel Rose (right) to even the male characters, which is very amusing at times. Just one is not provided by Kate, and that is for a special cameo from Elite‘s creator, David Braben – and out of all those few people who get voiceover work, I’d far rather hear Kate’s lilting and sensual voice eminating from a zillion adverts than certain individuals who dominate the adverts, mentioning no names… (*ahem* Craig Kelly *ahem*). Oh, and I did enjoy hearing Kate drop in the occasional strong language from time to time 🙂

Oh, and there’s even a reference to 2 Girls 1 Cup!

I was very much looking forward to Kate’s first novel, as I’ve been following career since I first saw her on Sky One’s Gamesworld, with Big Boy Barry – including one episode, dressed as “Pixie Kate”, and while there is footage online of her on the show in general, alas I only have a memory in my head of Pixie Kate 😉

More recently, she has presented the Webscape segment of BBC’s flagship technology programme, Click for over ten years, but I also have great memories of [.tv] – formerly The Computer Channel – where she presented Chips With Everything, and the channel also featured Will Hanrahan and fellow Click presenter/producer Chris Long. I miss the heady days of that channel, which ran from September 1st 1996, up to September 2nd 2001. I even changed over from regular Sky to Sky Digital, partly so that I could get the then-extended daily hours, from two to twelve, although obviously Sky Digital had more channels overall and I’m certain Sky, themselves, purposely downgraded their analogue signal to make people switch over, but anyway…

On the final day, the last week of which had been only repeats, the channel headed towards midnight with a repeat of of Games Chart, followed by a few adverts, the [.tv] logo, the usual audio flourish, and then…. the SkyDigital blue screen and “There is a technical fault with this channel. Please try later.”

Oh, but when?? (Well, by Monday afternoon, the channel number was no longer available anyway)

But I digress… 😉

(Note: The Angel Rose artwork is (c) Ramon Marett, and click on the image for the full-size version)


Elite: Mostly Harmless is the first book I’ve ‘read’ in years, and I can’t wait for Mostly Harmless 2. I’m not really one for reading books as I tend to wait for the movie version, and the last physical book I read was 1984, when I was at school (around that year, too, and coincidentally, the year the original Elite game was released). However, with this one, I was fascinated by it and, with it also being my first audiobook, I’m intrigued to check out more audiobooks, too.

Elite: Mostly Harmless is an official Elite: Dangerous novel and is published by Fantastic Books Publishing and is available on Kindle to name but one format, but also Paperback*, Hardback*, USB, Audio CD*, MP3 and you can also buy a collector’s set of 9 cards. (* denotes autographed version available)

Kate’s previous book, Working the Cloud: The Ultimate Guide To Making The Internet Work For You And Your Business is also available in Paperback and Kindle, from Crimson Publishing.

Click on the Audio CD image below for the full-size versions.

Overall Score: 10/10


Elite: Mostly Harmless on Audio CD


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