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Adam Green: Minor Love
Distributed by
Rough Trade Records

  • Released: January 2010
  • Rating: 6/10
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The new Jonathan Richmond? Possibly.

New Yorker Adam Green has released his new album and the former anti-folk Moldy Peaches frontman continues what might be considered a lonely path.

Now on his sixth album in six years he’s obviously in a rush to get his songs out-and-about, all fourteen of them, packed into just over 30 minutes.Despite its glum soundscape, his deep monotone voice, (sounding remarkably like Jonathan Richmond meets Lou Reed meets Jim Morrison), there is an undeniable quirky charm to his often simple songwriting technique, which contains witty and weird lyrics.

To his credit he’s played most of the instruments due to ‘incurable social phobias’. Mhh.Some might find it inaccessible, especially with tracks like Oh Sucks containing edgy guitar breaks.

When Green nails it, like the acoustic guitar lead Don’t Call Me Uncle, he proves to be in the troubadour mould of say alt-folk icon Devendra Banhart. This troubadour styling is also found on the neat but off-kilter Lockout.His oft-bare and stripped back tendencies are evident from the get-go – Breaking Locks, a short but neatly packaged little ditty containing acoustic strums and ghosting organ rolls.

A similar paces ensues on the relatively jaunty Give Them A Token, then he reverts back to a Banhart-like Goblin with perky and intricate guitar work, while rambling Bathing Birds jollies along at a gentle and laidback pace.What Makes Him Act So Bad gives a definite nod to The Velvet Underground’s whacky 60s underground rock, dressed by some commendable rough-hewn electric guitar splashes.

At under two minutes, Cigarette Burns Forever, then Boss Inside, and closer You Blacken My Stay are steeped in the 60s balladeering style of Jim Morrison (The Doors).

The verdict: An acquired taste. /

The full list of tracks included are :

1. Breaking Locks
2. Give Them A Token
3. Buddy Bradley
4. Goblin
5. Bathing Birds
6. What Makes Him Act So Bad
7. Stadium Soul
8. Cigarette Burns Forever
9. Boss Inside
10. Castles And Tassels
11. Oh Shucks
12. Don’t Call Me Uncle
13. Lockout
14. You Blacken My Stay
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