Fearless Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review


Fearless centres around Emma Banville (Helen McCroryHarry Potter‘s Narcissa Malfoy), a solicitor who always wants to get to the bottom of things, no matter how much others try to put her off, or when she’s threatened by ne’er-do-wells.

After being prompted by his partner, Annie (Rebecca Callard), Emma meets with Kevin Russell (Sam Swainsbury), jailed fourteen years earlier for the murder of a 15-year-old girl, after stating he was coerced into a confession at the time of his conviction – by then young DCI Olivia Greenwood (Wunmi Mosaku Damilola, Our Loved Boy), since he was 23, leading Emma to be convinced that he’s as innocent as Monkey Dust‘s Ivan Dobsky, the meat-safe murderer who never did it.

Along the way, there’s various elements about the autopsy report that aren’t adding up, along with dodgy dealings happening on the prosecution’s side. At the same time, Emma doesn’t want negative press from the media, painting her as a paedophile sympathiser because she’s trying to adopt with partner Steve (comedian John Bishop).

Also thrown into the mix is the rather improbable situation that, despite being a solicitor’s she’s harbouring Miriam Attar (Karima McAdams), a woman from Syria who’s in hiding since her husband, Yusuf, is back home and considered a terrorist.

That said, this was an intriguing first episode in parts, not revealing too much, but getting on with things more quickly than last night’s The Loch was doing, and it’s drawn me in for another episode to see where things progress.

The cast also includes Michael Gambon, who popped up in a brief scene playing Michael Gambon, as he always seems to do.

Note that some outlets like the Daily Express have made a song and dance about the political bits and pieces in the opening credits, which include an appearance from Donald Trump. However, those political openings had zero connection with the episode, itself, and the Daily Express is a clickbait rag that’s obsessed with Princess Diana, and is only good for wiping your bottom on.

June 18th Update: I have now seen the 2nd episode and… it’s a bit better than last week’s, and building on its opener nicely. Helen McCrory is the best thing about this, and the plot does get a bit twisty-turny, but keep at it and I’m hoping it improves week-by-week. It’s far better than The Loch, anyway.

Fearless begins tonight on ITV at 9pm, and then later on the ITV Hub. The series is available to pre-order on and DVD, and click on the packshot for the full-size version.

Fearless – ITV Trailer

Episode 1: 6/10
Episode 2: 6.5/10

Director: Pete Travis
Producer: Adrian Sturges
Writer: Patrick Harbinson
Music: Ruth Barrett

Emma Banville: Helen McCrory
Olivia Greenwood: Wunmi Mosaku
Annie Peterson: Rebecca Callard
Dominic Truelove: Jonathan Forbes
Kevin Russell: Sam Swainsbury
Steve Livesey: John Bishop
Heather Myles: Robin Weigert
Hamid: David Mumeni
Jenna: Christine Bottomley
Jason: Jack Hollington
Miriam Attar: Karima McAdams
Tony Pullings: Alec Newman
Matthew: Jamie Bamber
Phil Simms: Ben Cartwright
Arthur Banville: Jack Shepherd
Eleanor Banville: Kika Markham
Tony Pullings: Alec Newman
Monty Berman: Allan Corduner
Maggie Berman: Jemima Rooper
Heather Myles: Robin Weigert
Sir Alistair McKinnon: Michael Gambon
Laura Wild: Emma Hamilton