Final Fight One on Gameboy Advance – The DVDfever Review

Final Fight One

Final Fight One is developed and published by Capcom. I feel like I don’t need to introduce them to you all but I will say that they have made and still make big hits. However, I will say one title which has influenced many is that of Final Fight. Like so many early releases, this was first released under the name of Final Fight as an arcade game in 1989. It was meant to be a sequel to Street Fighter but due to the market, Final Fight became a side scrolling beat-em up.

So, I think I should explain. Similar to my last review (Darius II on Sega Saturn), this is not a game I played when I was younger. I was more an Altered Beast and Alien Storm (two slated games which I loved) kind of guy and I’m proud of my roots. So when I switched on my Gameboy Advance, I was greeted to a nice crisp Capcom sign and the opening story.

It turns out Mike Haggar, the Mayor of Metro City, has had his daughter taken by an evil gang called Mad Gear. Sounds a little like a current movie to me. And, unsurprisingly Mike and his group of powerful friends have the particular set of skills to get her back. And, boy does Haggar have some of these skills. He is a big guy who, it just so happens, turns out used to be a wrestler before he was a mayor. I suppose we could slightly compare him to everyone’s favourite Arnold.

After I clicked on the options and ensured the game was on normal – you see I love gaming and I would consider myself to be better than most however I game to enjoy not always to challenge – I proceeded to start the game. Weirdly, I noticed I had the choice of three characters: Mike, Cody and Guy. We don’t know much about the other two but it is easily obtainable information on the World Wide Web if you care that much.

One of the greatest points about this game is the gameplay. Yes I know, it’s only a side-scroller but the buttons are receptive and simple. You can punch, jump and and do some kind of special move. It is worth pointing out that all three of the characters have a different fighting style however I mainly stuck with Mike – the big man – Haggar. Yes I agree, the gameplay isn’t complicated but that is half the fun of it.

Final Fight One Final Stage, boss + ending Alpha Cody – Gameboy Advance gameplay – Firebot

There are a range of different bad guys who all seem to have the same names. What I liked is the challenge the different enemies offered. There are a range of different fighting styles which even included blokes who throw grenades, knives, dive in like bulls and a ton of other styles. This all adds to the fun of the game and actually a half decent challenge. Final Fight One isn’t the easiest game, but it also isn’t the hardest. It could take only take you two hours to complete but it may take you a number of attempts. And believe me, when you meet Abigail, you’ll notice that he is one challenging boss.

The music was also an enjoyable aspect of the game. I know some won’t agree with that statement but the fast paced acid techno fired my inner testosterone and helped me fight the streets of Metro City and the manly grunts, whilst fighting, provoked me even more.

Graphics-wise, this game isn’t going to blow your mind. I mean it can’t keep up with the current-gen hits. However, they are crisp and what you want from this type of game. You even have some interactive boxes and bins which can reward you with health bringing turkeys and if you’re lucky, some kind of throwing knife. Basically, what I would say is at no point was I thinking the graphics were bad but they certainly didn’t blow my mind.

Overall I really enjoyed Final Fight One, but I’m unsure I would play it again. Considering it took me about 3 hours to finish I wouldn’t say it was a game for the long haul however if you fancy some quick fun then this is your game. It is worth mentioning that on the GBA version, you can’t save your game, so it could never have been the longest game. With all things considered I would give this game a strong score of: 8.0.

With an option to save, a few extra levels, and a more convincing story this could have scored even higher. I highly recommend you play this game, on whichever system you choose to do so.

P.S If someone knows what is up with the barking dog in this game please let me know. I’m sure you will spot it.

Score: 8/10

Final Fight One is still available on Gameboy Advance, and click on the packshot for the full-size version.

Thanks to Firebot and Rage Quitter 87 for the gaming footage featured.

Important info:

  • Developer: Capcom

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Players: single player; 2 via system link cable

Producer: Yoshiki Okamoto

Final Fight One Alpha Guy playthrough (GameBoy Advance) – Rage Quitter 87