Firewatch – E3 2015 | PS4

firewatchFirewatch will debut on PS4, from developers Campo Santo, and is an intense mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness, where the only lifeline is a woman’s voice at the end of a handheld radio.

This first-person adventure game is published by Panic on PS4 and PC and is set in 1989. Players take on the role of Henry, a fire lookout who has been assigned to his own tower in Shoshone National Forest. Through exploration of the surrounding area, players uncover clues about mysterious occurrences in the vicinity, related to the ransacking of his tower while out on a routine patrol.

Henry’s only form of communication is a walkie-talkie connecting him to his supervisor, Delilah. Players may choose from a number of dialog options to interact with her, or refrain from responding. The player’s choices will influence the tone of his relationship with Delilah.

Check out the Firewatch trailer below: