First Man – Trailer 2 – Ryan Gosling

First Man
First Man has a second trailer out now, and I’ve since learned that some scenes (IMDB confirms it’s the lunar sequences) are shot in 70mm IMAX, where the screen will open up to 1.44:1, so I do hope that the Manchester Printworks are showing this!

The film is due for release in the UK on October 12th.

Check out the new trailer below:

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June 18th:

First Man reunites La La Land‘s star and director for a run-through about Neil Armstrong and what led to him becoming the first man on the moon, but it made me wonder – how come this has never been told before, i.e. solely focused on him?

Going through his life from 1961-1969, the film explores the sacrifices and costs on the Nation and Neil (Ryan Gosling) himself – including leaving his wife Janet (Claire Foy) and family, during one of the most dangerous missions in the history of space travel.

First Man is released on October 12th in the UK, although it does make you wonder why they didn’t wait until July 2019 to mark the 50th anniversary.

Director: Damien Chazelle
Also stars: Pablo Schreiber, Kyle Chandler, Ciarán Hinds, Ethan Embry, Jason Clarke, Brian d’Arcy James, Corey Stoll, Christopher Abbott, Patrick Fugit, Shea Whigham, Lukas Haas

Check out the trailer below: