Foyle’s War Series 7 out on DVD on May 13th

Foyle's War Series 7

Foyle’s War Series 7 – it’s back! In the first series since 2010 Michael Kitchen returns as the enigmatic DCS Foyle in ITV’s hugely popular and successful Foyle’s War, but this time he has a new and exciting role working for Secret British Intelligence.

Honeysuckle Weeks stars alongside Kitchen in the Bafta Award winning show from acclaimed writer Anthony Horowitz (Midsomer Murders, Injustice), which returned to ITV on Sunday 24 March, then on DVD as Foyle’s War – The Complete Series Seven on 13 May 2013 courtesy of Acorn Media, featuring over ninety minutes of behind the scenes features and cast and crew interviews.

The war is over – but a new one is beginning, less explosive but no less deadly – a Cold War. Foyle finds himself drawn into complex webs of security and counter security where the loyalties of even those closest to him are brought into question.

The series includes three exciting new films:

  • Episode 1 The Eternity Ring: MI5 suspects British atomic research has been infiltrated, and ask Foyle to investigate whether a Russian spy network could be at work in the heart of London.
  • Episode 2 The Cage: Foyle’s investigation into the death of a nameless Russian leads to a mysterious military facility and the discovery that the victim was a spy with dangerous connections to British intelligence.
  • Episode 3 Sunflower: Professor Peter Van Haren, gives a lecture to a group of students on the selfportraits of the artist Rembrandt but the presence of Haren causes a young man to suffer a frightening flashback which ends in tragedy.

With the success of the previous series, Foyle’s War continues to boast staggering audiences. On DVD, the show has achieved fantastic results with sales in excess of one million units, a testament to its watchability and incredible popularity.

Special features:

  • Disc One: The Making of Foyle’s War – Behind the scenes, background to the series old and new.
  • Disc Two – The Styling of Foyle’s War – Doc. Intro Honeysuckle Weeks on hair, make-up, fashion and home design for the series.
  • Disc Three – The Making of Foyle’s War: Old Friends, New Faces – cast The Sunflower Massacre: Historical Facts, Visual Fictions – on true historic background and CGI effects that went into the making of Episode 3, Sunflower