G-Darius HD on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

G-Darius HD
G-Darius HD is, as the title indicates, an HD remaster-ish of side-scrolling shoot-em-up G-Darius, but since it’s a game I hadn’t played before, I compared both versions which are part of this package, and from what I saw of the early parts of the first stage by comparison, there’s not a huge amount of ‘remastering’ for the new version – to these eyes, at least.

In my run-through of the game, I played through 5 stages – each of which can feel a bit samey from one to the next, in terms of how they’re set out – and while they do go on a bit, there are 15 stages in total if you want to 100% them.

It’s rather like the arcade game Outrun, where you start with just the one race available, but the end of each race allows you to turn left or right. This gives a fair number of different combinations of stages to work through, but since I’m a newbie to G-Darius HD, I went left each time, giving me the easy route… apparently, since they’re not exactly “easy”.

I say I hadn’t played this before… I *think* that’s the case, anyway. Side-scrolling shooters like this just remind me of R-Type, which is the one with which I was most familiar.

I like how the graphics are certainly just as you’d expect in the arcade from back in the day, with explosions – as you shoot a baddie – looking something from a laserdisc player game in the ’80s like Astron Belt… sort-of. Basically, they don’t look like standard sprites, but something a lot more cool.

It’s good fun, but I died plenty of times… and I’d challenge anyone to try it on just ONE life!

G-Darius HD is released today on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

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Important info:

  • Developer: ININ Games
  • Publisher: ININ Games
  • Players: single-player