Gavin And Stacey Christmas Special 2019 – The DVDfever Review

Gavin and Stacey

Gavin And Stacey Christmas Special 2019 is here and they’re still going back and forth to Wales when they would’ve long since moved in at one place either way.

Or maybe they did and I just forgot? Well, Gavin and Stacey did move in because they now have a son. Yet, Smithy and Nessa didn’t. Still, best to not just worry about such unnecessary things.

The families apparently alternate between where it takes place, and this time it’s Wales, and Bryn’s doing cooking, and Rob Brydon‘s Bryn still behaves like he’s a bit… odd. And what about that fishing trip between Jason and Bryn? Well…

On the plus side, this episode does a great job of bringing back the feel of the original series, and naturally, there’s references back to the original series, such as where Stacey finds some photos from when she first met Gavin, as well as going back to the spot where they first told each other “I love you“.

Also, whatever your feelings on the show, you can’t deny the observation that one man’s Che Guvera tattoo looks more like Des Lynam.

Addressing the elephant in the room (ahem), I’ve grown so tired of James Corden since his ego became as big as the country in which he now mostly works, but still, I will try and put that to one side and just deal with the programme at hand. I will let Smithy off with the fact that it’s not a big issue with his drinking in a bar at his age as much as he thinks. You’re only as old as you feel! Well, after a heavy night, I feel VERY rough the next day!

There’s a few laughs, such as how “Neil The Baby” is now 11… so, not a baby. Plus, Nessa is skipping ‘dry January’ by going for ‘Janu-hairy’ – she doesn’t shave a thing until February 1st. “Last year, I had a full goatee”; and Stacey wants to get a present of kitchen cupboards… yes, it’s not Christmassy, but then again, it’s practical. I once got a girlfriend a spare tyre… and not my belly.

However, the whole thing does feel like a rush-job with not a lot of planning. It seems more to try and appease people desperate for a return for the characters without giving them much to get stuck into.

It’s also disappointing that there’s no Sheridan Smith as Rudi; and there wasn’t much thought given into Sonia’s (Laura Aikman) character, as she exited stage-left sharpish, but then maybe that was done just to drop the final moment, when….

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

I’ve since learned that late on, the BBC told Corden and Jones that they wanted a fourth series, and so that scene was written in as a cliffhanger. However, a lot of shows do that sort of thing, even if further series/episodes haven’t been commissioned, in a bid to force the hand of those in charge.

Personally, I felt the best series was the first. It lost a bit in the second one, and by the time the third one came along, they were mostly coasting along. The same was the case for the final one-off (before this one), and the only thing I remember about that finale was that there were no end credits, which means NO CONTINUITY ANNOUNCER!!!!

Gavin And Stacey Christmas Special 2019 is available to pre-order on DVD ahead of its released on January 6th 2020.

You can also buy Gavin And Stacey – Series 1-3 And 2008 Christmas Special on Blu-ray and DVD

The episode is now on the BBC iPlayer.

Gavin And Stacey Christmas Special 2019 – Trailer – BBC One

Score: 4/10

Director: Christine Gernon
Writers: James Corden, Ruth Jones

Gavin: Mathew Horne
Stacey: Joanna Page
Nessa: Ruth Jones
Smithy: James Corden
Gwen: Melanie Walters
Mick: Larry Lamb
Pam: Alison Steadman
Bryn: Rob Brydon
Neil the Baby: Ewan Kennedy