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God Eater 2

Visually, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, I feel is a mixed bag. The Anime movie, when first loading, is nice and sharp as are the menus and the title screen. When you are in the hub between missions, you have fixed viewpoints similar to what you would see in Resident Evil & Final Fantasy. The characters generally look decent. However, if you change their uniforms and clothing, they will still be in their original dress during cutscenes, and when they are standing around the hub area. The detail here looks good with sharp-looking textures and high detail assets. The environment in this hub area is also similarly nice-looking. Now, once you get into the game world, the textures and detail on the Aragami and, again, human characters is sharp-looking. The special effects of both your Arc, Blood abilities and the attacks on the creatures do all look great. I have noticed, though, that the environments look like something from late PS2 to early PS3/XB360 – quite muggy unrefined texture work on water, walls and the ground. It is functional, but much like other conversions where they originated on a handheld system, they are a bit lacking by today’s standards. The only other gripe I really have with the graphics is, at times, when you manage to corner a monster you won’t be able to see your character no matter where you move, it zooms right in against the side of the creature or a wall -quite easy to get out but can end up costing you a bit of health as you can’t make out what is going on.

The sound on God Eater 2 is similar to other JRPGs: piano and string melodies mixed with rock guitar, including drums & synth music. It makes the music really stand out and gets the heart pumping when battling the larger Aragami. The effects noises come though nicely when attacking creatures, whether using guns or your melee weapon; meaty thunks and crunches when contact is made, the same can be said when monsters attack you or are running off. Cutscenes are all voiced in English, and I have read that some players are a bit unhappy with not including the Japanese audio with English subtitles, but in all fairness the English voice work is generally good-to-excellent, much like watching Anime with English audio. Yeah, it may sound a bit goofy at times but not over bearing. If players want the Japanese audio, why not import the game: PS4 is region free!

God Eater 2: Rage Burst – Gameplay PS4 First Look – HeroVoltsy

There is also a multiplayer component to God Eater 2. You and a few other real players, that are at the same level, can take on various co-op missions. Great thing about this, is that everyone is working within a team, and one-player can, for example, do crowd control for the smaller enemies and a bit of healing, while the other players can concentrate on a larger enemy, it works well enough and enjoyable. Whilst playing single player, you will notice that NPCs will, in most cases just attack what you are going for.

All in all, God Eater 2 is a decent game; one that can be enjoyed for hours on end, or simply a single mission if you are short on time. Visually, it has come across from portable systems nicely, and the sound work on PS4 is thumping. Additionally when you purchase God Eater 2 you get God Eater Ressurection for free on both PS4 & PC Steam. This is the original remastered game, so you have everything within the God Eater Universe. My only real gripe is that, after numerous hours playing, the story is a bit long-winded and drawn out, and the mission structure is generally the same thing over and over.

If you like the Monster Hunter series of games or even just fancy something that is a bit different to your military grey shooters and western RPGs, then God Eater 2 could well be that something.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst is out now on PS4 and Playstation Vita.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst – Blood Rage Gameplay Trailer | PS4, Vita – Bandai Namco Entertainment America

Important info:

  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Players: Single player, multiplayer

Sound: Phil Brewster and Danielle Hunt

Leah: Tara Sands
Nana: Cassandra Morris
Male Customization Voice #16: Kyle McCarley
Other voices: DC Douglas, Nicolas Roye



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