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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is kinda stuck in the past…. 2014, to be precise.

It’s a bit like Rogue One in that it hops from planet to planet at the start before settling down, but starting off with a pre-credits scene on Earth – Missouri to be precise – and in 1980 when Peter’s parents are getting together to make a family, with his mum affectionally calling his dad her ‘spaceman’. Hmm…

Then fast-forward 34 years to 2014 for one of the best opening credits sequences I’ve ever seen, so I won’t describe it here, but safe to say that it involves the Guardians battling a big space monster at the behest of the High Priestess, Ayesha (The Night Manager‘s Elizabeth Debicki), in return for turning over a captured Nebula (Karen Gillan) to them, who Gamora (Zoe Saldana) will take to Xandar for the bounty on her head, and for her bad sister to rot in jail for all eternity. Think that’ll really happen? Yeah, right…

After leaving, the gang inadvertently attract the wrath of Ayesha… well, not quite inadvertently because Rocket (Bradley Cooper) has stolen some of her special batteries, and this means instant death unless they can evade the onslaught.

Gamora, Nebula, Peter, Drax and Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 finds Peter listening to Awesome Mixtape Vol.2 on his Sony Walkman, and the film features Kurt Russell as Peter’s father, Ego, who’s built his own lush planet, there’s world domination, betrayal bubble wrap spacesuits, lots of potty talk about ‘turds’, ’80s videogame sounds when spaceships are shooting at the heroes, Peter tells how he always used to pretend to his friends back on Earth that his father was David Hasselhoff, and there’s another brief appearance from Howard the Duck, giving his view on the world: “You’re out of luck, until you’ve gone duck!”

In fact, with these two films, far more people will have seen Howard The Duck onscreen than they ever did from the original movie’s release in 1986!

On Ego’s planet, they also come across a young female alien called Mantis, with large eyes and two antennae on her forehead, who states she’s empathic, so whereas telepathic people can read your thoughts, she can read your feelings, and more besides…

For reasons best known to him for a while, Drax (Dave Bautista) tells her that she’s ugly?? She’s played by Pom Klementieff (below with Drax, and from the forthcoming Ingrid Goes West, and also in next January’s Avengers: Infinity War), born in Quebec, but half-Korean, and everyone knows what Asian women are the hottest in the land. It’s a scientific fact! There’s no actual evidence for it, but it IS a scientific fact!

Her nickname is the Pominator. My nickname at Uni was the Dominator! We’re made for each other! 😉

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Drax and Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2


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