G’Wed – The DVDfever Review – ITVX comedy – Dylan Thomas Smith, Jake Kenny-Byrne

G'Wed G’Wed or, in English, “Go ahead“.

In this, Christopher (Jake Kenny-Byrne) is the posh kid having to live on a council estate with his grandma after his mum passed away, thus by dropping his social standing, he’s basically Will McKenzie from The Inbetweeners.

Meanwhile, Reece (Dylan Thomas Smith) tries to crack wise with the girls and thinks he’s it, so, he’s Jay. Another lad fancies Reece’s mum, so that’s like Will’s MILFy mum (Leanne BestBolan’s Shoes). Yes, you see where this is going…

For some of the gags in this, because it’s 2024, pronouns (that oh, so wonderful contribution to society from the American Left) also come up and are ridiculed, with Reece pretending to agree that based on the accusation from Mia-Louise (Gemma Barraclough), he should identify as “disgusting little perverted rat”. Meanwhile, her best friend, Aimee (Amber Harrison), comes across as G’Wed‘s answer to Charlotte Hinchcliffe.

However, Brookside’s Mick Johnson (Louis Emerick) is very laid back as Mr. Meacher, compared to Greg Davies’ Mr Gilbert.

The first episode is also on Youtube, which I’ll link below, but as both Aimee and Mia-Louise are comparing unsolicited ‘dick picks’, the images on their phone are completely blurred out on the aforementioned video platform, because Youtube has strict policies on such things, and there’s another similarly-affected scene a bit later.

At the time of writing this, I’ve only seen the opener, and while it’s okay, I’m not driven to watch more. Anyone reading this review might wonder why I’ve not gone into detail about the plot, but… there isn’t one. It’s just like a random series of scenes and I can’t get particularly excited about it.

UPDATE: I did watch a second episode, Cutthroat Mo. Again, it was okay, but no major laughs in it.

G’Wed Series 1 is all online on ITVX from Monday February 5th. It’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

G’Wed – First Episode – ITVX

Director: Akaash Meeda
Creators: Danny Kenny, Marios Stylianides
Writer: Danny Kenny
Music: Jamal Green

Reece: Dylan Thomas Smith
Christopher: Jake Kenny-Byrne
Aimee: Amber Harrison
Mia-Louise: Gemma Barraclough
Mr. Meacher: Louis Emerick
Ted: Dominic Murphy
Mr Dunn: Philip Shaun McGuinness
Kieron: Matthew Devlin
Connor: Max Ainsworth
Ziad: Malek Alkoni
Grace: Yasmin Freeman
Ruby: Pelumi Ogunye
Nathan: Levi Bent
Jodie: Leanne Best
Grandma Pat: Jemma Churchill
Mo: Zak Douglas