Hunters – The DVDfever Review – Al Pacino, Logan Lerman

Hunters is a new Amazon Prime series starring Al Pacino and Logan Lerman, but begins with a scene away from either of those two, as it’s 1977 and at a garden party, one of the guests, Helen (Izabella MikoCoyote Ugly), has a startled look on her face as if she’s the new ‘All-Maudra’ on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and accuses the host, Biff Simpson (Dylan BakerSelma), of being a Nazi…

Well, when you say something like that to your host, don’t expect them to be best pleased, and you’ll find out the outcome when you watch it.

Given the year in which this is set, Star Wars is in the cinema, but other wars might be about to happen because, as per the premise, the Fourth Reich is potentially upon us, and not in a humourous way like with the Iron Sky movies where the Nais lived on the moon all this time. This lot are in a very mean mood!

I’ve only seen the first episode so far, and this series certainly deals with some challenging themes, for example early on, as young Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman) is beaten up after trying to sell dope to an idiot, but even more stronger content when it comes to the Holocaust and those who seem intent on it all happening again.

However, without giving any spoilers, he meets up with Meyer Offerman (Al PacinoThe Irishman) who is more resourceful than one might give a near-80-year-old credit for, and while this first epsode is very slow to get going, I can see more clearly as to where this series is heading, now the set-up is done.

Finally, the dialogue is a bit mumbly, especially when Pacino tries to put on an old Jewish “Oy, vey!”-style voice, but after 90-minute opener, each episode is around 60 minutes, so I’ll check out a second episode to see what comes next…

UPDATE: Episode 2 was better, as we’re starting to get into the meat of the matter, but even still, there’s still a fair bit of deadwood that needs pruning amongst the essential drama.

Hunters is available on Amazon Prime from Friday, February 21st with all episodes available.

Hunters – Official Trailer – Amazon Prime Video

Episode 1 Score: 3/10
Episode 2 Score: 5/10

Series Directors: Nelson McCormick, Wayne Yip, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, Dennie Gordon, Millicent Shelton, Michael Uppendahl
Series Producers: Kris Baucom, Jerry Kupfer
Series Writers: David Weil, Nikki Toscano, Mark Bianculli, Eduardo Javier Canto, Ryan Maldonado, David Rosen
Music: Cristobal Tapia de Veer

Meyer Offerman: Al Pacino
Jonah Heidelbaum: Logan Lerman
Sister Harriet: Kate Mulvany
Roxy Jones: Tiffany Boone
Mindy Markowitz: Carol Kane
Murray Markowitz: Saul Rubinek
Lonny Flash: Josh Radnor
Joe Torrance: Louis Ozawa Changchien
Millie Malone: Jerrika Hinton
Travis Leich: Greg Austin
Biff Simpson: Dylan Baker
The Colonel: Lena Olin
Helen: Izabella Miko
Tobias: Jonno Davies
Detective Grimsby: James LeGros
Carol Hawthorne: Ebony Obsidian
Arthur “Bootyhole” McGuigan: Caleb Emery
Sherman “Cheeks” Johnson: Henry Hunter Hall
Malika: Phoenix Noelle
Katarina Löw: Megan Channell