I Am Kirsty – The DVDfever Review – Samantha Morton

I Am Kirsty
I Am Kirsty sees the lead portrayed by Samantha Morton (Two For Joy, Minority Report), a busy mother of two girls, and dealing with an absolute b’stard of an other half, Steve, as we see early on when she returns home from the shops.

She has a very demanding cleaning job that she’s trying to hang on to, but as she goes about her day, she meets another school parent, Ryan (Paul KayeThree Girls), while out and about, but is he the answer to her money worries?

Her colleague, Toni (Vinette RobinsonThe A-Word) says “There’s always a way out” of her fiduciary troubles, but what exactly is it? Meanwhile, the unexpected happens which did step things up a gear, as a particular situation gives Kirsty a scare.

Overall, this was a decent second episode in the series, but Kirsty’s predicament is something we’ve come across before and doesn’t offer up too much that’s new. Ms Morton is always worth a watch, when this drama does deal its biggest hand, it comes far too late to get the best out of it, and leaves the first two-thirds wanting more.

Score: 7/10

I Am Kirsty is on tomorrow night on Channel 4 at 10pm. The series is not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but you can watch each episode on All 4 for 30 days after transmission.

I Am… – Series Trailer – Channel 4

Director: Dominic Savage
Producer: Krishnendu Majumdar
Writer: Dominic Savage

Kirsty: Samantha Morton
Ryan: Paul Kaye
Toni: Vinette Robinson
Peter: Anthony Flanagan
Maddison: Eva Daniells
Tilly: Kiera Flack
Hotel manager: Pankaj Walia