Innocent: The Complete Series – The DVDfever Review – ITV drama


Innocent centres around David Collins (Lee Ingleby The A Word), who is released from jail after 7 years because the jury can’t agree on this and that about the forensic evidence over whether he actually killed his wife, Tara, or not. Full of frustration, the plan over he next four episodes is to find out who is guilty and have them brought to book, as well as getting custody of his two children, Jack and Rosie.

Tara’s sister, Alice (Hermione Norris), isn’t the least bit happy about this news, but one person who has been there for him all this time is his brother, Phil (Daniel Ryan), who lets him stay with him at his home on the coast. Yes, Phil, Phil Collins. Let’s hope he doesn’t start singing.

Stepping out into the world, soon after release from 7 years in the can is going to be fraught with the expected dangers. Meanwhile, a number of elements come up which could point the murder finger in David’s direction, or they might just be circumstantial. The trouble with just watching one episode of four is that it feels like watching 1/4 of a 3-hour film. However, I figured at least this has got to be better than the The Fugitive. I never saw the TV series for that, just the Harrison Ford movie, but that was over two hours of not a lot happening bar the odd moment that we’d already seen in the trailer.

Cops Nigel Lindsay and Angel Coulby are busy playing happy families despite working together, and it feels a bit strange when the latter is talking to her three staff about how they’ll proceed with the investigation now David’s released, since none of the three are paid to speak in that scene so they just nod and look concerned, rather than interjecting like a normal human being.

So far, Innocent is okay, with elements we’ve seen before, but I’ll stick with it. What I would recommend is that you put the subtitles on. Usually, when I’m watching a preview of a show from most broadcasters, no subtitles are available. When it comes to Innocent, there’s a lot of talking in hushed tones with a little bit of mumbling thrown in. At least, on a broadcast, subtitles are readily available.

I just wish they’d gone for a more original title for a drama. This happens a lot on ITV: Innocent, Trauma, Next Of Kin, etc. This is a recurring theme. Just nothing that makes the titles stick out.

UPDATE 16.5.18 10.30pm: I’ve now seen the entire series as it’s been shown in full in other countries. Obviously, I’ll give no spoilers as the finale has yet to air as I post this, so a couple of observations:

  • In episode 2, David almost finishes a pint in a pub and then buys another. Who leaves a bit at the bottom? Finish it, man!!!

  • At first, I thought the finale to the last episode stretched credibility too much, but after giving it more thought as it played out, it does fit pretty well, so after just giving episode one 6/10 originally, the series as a whole is worth 7/10.

Innocent beings on Monday at 9pm, and runs all week until Thursday, with all four episodes across the whole week. After each is broadcast, they’ll be on the ITV Hub. You can pre-order the series on DVD.

Innocent – Series Trailer – ITV

Episode 1 Score: 6/10
Overall Series Score: 7/10

Director: Richard Clark
Writers: Matthew Arlidge, Chris Lang

David Collins: Lee Ingleby
Phil Collins: Daniel Ryan
Alice Moffatt: Hermione Norris
Rob Moffatt: Adrian Rawlins
DI Cathy Hudson: Angel Coulby
Jack: Fionn O’Shea
DI William Beech: Nigel Lindsay
Rosie: Eloise Webb
DC Steve Beckton: Samuel Edward Cook
DS Mari-Luz Garcia: Zahra Ahmadi
Melissa Wilson: Hannah Britland
Louise Wilson: Christine Cole
Chief Supt Hillman: Tony Gardner
Louise Wilson: Christina Cole