Intellivision Amico – First Physical Box-art, Controller Designs and more!

Intellivision Amico Intellivision Amico – It’s still on track for October 10th 2021, following the time when it was put back to April 2021, and then to October, but I’m way overdue a catch-up on the videos I’ve made, so here we go!

Amico – First Physical Box-art, Controller Designs and more! – June 1st 2021

Amico Delayed until 10.10.21 / Finnigan Fox / Breakout / Physical Media – 4-in-1 discussion – Feb 17th 2021

Amico Delay / Rich from ReviewTechUSA / John Hancock – 3-in-1 discussion – Feb 13th 2021

Amico DELAYED until (DATE TBA) – Amico Update Feb 2021 – Feb 12th 2021

Amico DELAYED until June/July? – Amico Update Jan 2021 – Jan 5th 2021

Breakout Demo & Intellivision Amico 10.10.20 Event Breakdown! – Oct 10th 2020

Pat The NES Prat rags on the Amico & Gamestop GONE? – Aug 13th 2020

Amico – Release date delayed but 20 games announced! – Aug 5th 2020

Moon Patrol – More gameplay! – Intellivision Amico 2020 game – Aug 4th 2020

Amico – Special Event Announcement REACTION! – July 28th 2020

Intellivision Amico – Special Event Announcement REACTION! – July 22nd 2020

Intellivision Amico – New VIP Edition & 23 new games! – March 17th 2020

I pre-ordered the Intellivision Amico Founders’ Edition!!! Plus more game news! – Jan 28th 2020

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January 24th 2020:

Intellivision Amico is coming on October 10th 2020, and today, Intellivision have announced the new-look version of Night Stalker, and you can pre-order the Founder’s Edition on Monday!

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December 9th:

Intellivision have released a cool new trailer for the Atari classic, Breakout!

I do wish this was a playable demo, but either way, check it out below as it makes me feel like the kind of futuristic thing I’d have loved in the ’80s as shown in the movies from the time…. and which has never left my head ever since 🙂

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December 8th:

Intellivision Amico is coming on October 10th 2020, and Intellivision have just released a new demo of their forthcoming Moon Patrol game!

Check it out below!

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December 3rd:

Intellivision Amico is coming on October 10th 2020, and today, it’s Intellivision’s 40th birthday!

Celebrate with the Amico AR app (with their short Moon Patrol demo), some great pics showing off the Amico, and the Original Never-Before-Seen Intellivision Promo from 1978!

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September 19th:

Intellivision Amico is coming on October 10th 2020, and Youtuber Smash JT has bagged some awesome exclusive time with Intellivision head honcho Tommy Tallarico, not only answering the questions he’s asking, but also getting a tour of his games mansion and his Spider-Man collection!

And you may think you’re cool, but you’ll never be as cool as Tommy Tallorico driving a Ferrari! Kudos to Smash JT for getting this fantastic exclusive!

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August 19th:

Intellivision Amico has had a trailer released today, which teases some gameplay and images of the forthcoming games, and I’m very interested in checking one out when it’s released, but I would’ve liked more from this trailer.

As you watch it, it’s mostly Intellivision’s Tommy Tallarico talking for 1 minute and 51 seconds before the actual gameplay begins. However, when it did come, I’m hoping the gameplay is 100% genuine, since it did have a feel of the flashy Activision box art I remember seeing in the ’80s, only to find the games didn’t quite live up to the promise.

Overall, this trailer is a step in the right direction, but just a small step. The system is due for release on October 10th 2020, so that’s over a year away, but given the hype, I still expected to see a lot more information for it. We know that the PS5 and the next Xbox will be released around Xmas 2020, but the Intellivision Amico is aimed more as a family-orientated platform, and for a lower price, while the big hitters are expected to be around $600 apiece.

Whatever info comes out, I’m still very interested to see what comes next about the Intellivision Amico, given that I was around when the original console came out, even though I had its competitor at the time, the Atari 2600 (hey, don’t blame me, my parents bought it! But I did love it at the time 😉 )

Check out the trailer below:

Earthworm Jim
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May 1st:

Earthworm Jim is a new game coming out, but not until at least 2020, and for a console you haven’t yet bought – the Intellivision Amico! I go through the news about this announcement and find out how you can tune into the forthcoming livestream about it!

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