Is This The End Of Clubbing? – The DVDfever Review – BBC3 documentary

Is This The End Of Clubbing Is This The End Of Clubbing? asks…. well, you get the idea from the rather descriptive title, since the whole point of being in a nightclub is that there’s a lot of people in a fairly confined space listening to loud music.

Despite being in my 40s, yes, I still go clubbing, and it’s great fun, so I’m very much missing them. So, what’s the solution? That’s what presenter Jamz Supernova intends to figure out, who I learned is a DJ on Radio 1Xtra – a channel I’ve never listened to, so it’s unsurprising I’ve never heard of her.

Along the way, we see people streaming from their own homes, and others trying to create a new ways of having a rave, either legally – in terms of streaming to your mobile (even though it won’t be the same), or illegally – such as an underground rave, as has been reported a few times in the press.

Jamz chats to a number of people including a DJ called Sherelle, who says she and others are putting music up on Bandcamp to sell their music so they can still earn a crust and pay the rent, while there’s also a male DJ called Plastician. I presume that’s not his real name.

She also chats to a man in a string vest with a bad haircut, but I didn’t catch his name.

I assumed Is This The End Of Clubbing? would run for around an hour, but… it’s a mere 21 minutes. Take a look, but don’t expect any real answers to the question in the title. It’s obvious that some business will stay open, some will close – and in the case of the latter, it’s not always down to the pandemic, but because some businesses have not been a going concern for some time.

Is This The End Of Clubbing? is on BBC3 from Wednesday August 26th on BBC iPlayer.

Director: Kathryn Parker
Producer: Kathryn Parker
Presenter: Jamz Supernova