Jonathan Creek: Daemons’ Roost (2016 Christmas Special) – The DVDfever Review

Jonathan Creek

Daemons’ Roost is the latest of a number of occasional Jonathan Creek specials, in lieu of a full series, but whether running for 60, 90 or 120 minutes, it continues the same pattern where I usually have no clue how the puzzles are worked out until Alan Davies describes them, and even then I’ve got to play that back at least once just to fully understand it.

The title of this episode is the name of the building where Vincent Price-lookalike and crotchety old loner, and veteran film director Nathan Clore (Ken Bones) resides, one reknowned for ’70s horror classics like Brides Of The Damned. Various people are dying in mysterious circumstances while Creek has his own building-related issues since he and Polly (the stunning Sarah Alexander) are moving house and downsizing, so he’s a long way away from the Windmill.

Warwick Davis pops up as an annoying vicar, Rev. Wendell Wilkie, there are lots of twisty-turns in the plot, most serving to confuse and little else and, as often with these specials, the running time is about 10-20 minutes too long out of the 90.

In addition, I felt the conclusion wasn’t so satisfying when we eventually learn who’s to blame and which don’t really stand up when you look more deeply at what you’ve just watched. And at least one particular character would be up on a murder charge in the real world once it was all finished (no spoilers, obviously, but you can see for yourself). Okay, I know it’s TV and I shouldn’t think too deeply about that, but that sort of thing still irks me.

Jonathan Creek: Daemons’ Roost isn’t yet available to buy on DVD, but a list of those available is below. Meanwhile, you can watch this episode on BBC iPlayer until January 27th.

The DVDs currently available, and in chronological order, are:

Jonathan Creek: Daemons’ Roost – Trailer – BBC One

Score: 5/10

Director: Sandy Johnson
Screenplay: David Renwick
Music: Theo Vidgen

Jonathan Creek: Alan Davies
Polly Creek: Sarah Alexander
Alison Belkin: Georgie Lord
Stephen Belkin: Emun Elliott
Rev. Wendell Wilkie: Warwick Davis
Imelda Belkin: Nicole Cooper
Ryman: Jason Barnett
Nathan Clore: Ken Bones
Young Alison: Caoimhe Clough
Priscilla: Susan Coyle
D.S. Alben Barkley: Chris Forbes
Phillipa Teller: Rosalind March
Nina: Jo Martin
Patrick Tyree: Ryan Oliva