John Romero – new first-person-shooter announcement coming Monday

John Romero John Romero, the man who coined the term ‘Deathmatch’, certainly gave me an awakening back in the early ’90s when he created first-person-shooters Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, completely redefining gaming for me and I can still remember upgrading my humble 386sx33 PC to a 486dx66 PC so I could later play Doom II, properly, in 1994! Yeah, check ME out!!

However, in more recent times, Doom 3 and the new Doom (4) just aren’t hitting the mark? Why? No Romero!

So, there has been an awakening, and one far more interesting than the (for me) disappointing Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens… An announcement is teased for next Monday, April 25th, and you can see a video below which I enjoyed a lot more than a certain scene from the aforementioned movie, and also features artist Adrian Carmack, who worked woth Mr Romero on both Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.

Oh, and the picture above was taken at Revival 2014 when John Romero was lucky enough to meet me after he kicked my arse at Doom II 😉 The picture was taken by his stunning wife, Brenda, who I also had the pleasure to meet.

The video below was shot set against the fantastic backdrop of Galway, Ireland, where both John and Brenda have set up Romero Games, and also check out, their offical website.

(EDIT: As we later learned, it was called Blackroom, and ended up being cancelled)

Check out the video, The Return, below and click on the above picture for the full-size version: