King Cobra – Official Trailer 1 – James Franco

King Cobra King Cobra tells the story of Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan), played by Garrett Clayton, a gay porn headliner who, and how he fell out with the producer, Joe (James Franco), who made him famous. When Sean decides he’d be better off a free agent, a cash-strapped pair of rival producers aim to cash in by any means possible.

Written and directed by Justin Kelly, based on a story by D. Madison Savage, the film also stars some people you haven’t seen in a big film for a while, in Christian Slater, Molly Ringwald and Alicia Silverstone, plus Keegan Allen, Sean Grandillo and Spencer Rocco Lofranco, and it looks pretty good. Certainly will be worth it for Slater and Ringwald.

King Cobra is released on October 21st in the US, but as of yet there’s no UK date.

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size image.