Klown – Danish cult comedy released on DVD on March 31st. Trailer now online


Klown is a hysterical Danish cult-comedy which Arrow Films will be releasing on DVD on March 31st 2014, and stars Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen, two of the most popular and experienced stand-up comedians in Denmark, and pushes the boundaries of comedy and acceptable childcare with its bold mixture of dry wit, fearless shock humour and heartfelt sentimentality.

Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Inbetweeners and The Hangover combine in Klown, which follows two wildly inappropriate friends as they run amok through the Danish countryside, plowing through endless awkward confrontations and unspeakable debaucheries. Hopelessly wrongheaded Frank “kidnaps” the 12-year-old nephew of his pregnant girlfriend in an eager attempt to prove his fatherhood potential, and they join sex-crazed Casper on his secret adulterous weekend canoe trip. Rampaging through exclusive brothels, hospitalizations, armed robberies and even prison, the three paddle downstream from one chaotic misadventure to the next, all culminating in a surprisingly sentimental portrait of friendship and a final shocking reveal that you’ll never be able to unsee.

Sacha Baron Cohen has recently hired both Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, the writers and stars of Klown, to pen his upcoming film The Lesbian following the success of Klown.

Directed by Mikkel Nørgaard, Klown was the year’s highest-grossing home-grown film when released in Denmark. It was critically acclaimed on its US release and has been picked up for a Hollywood remake by Warner Bros.

Check out the very adult trailer below: