LEGO Worlds on PS4 – The DVDfever Review

LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds: I am going to say it right from the off. I’m impressed, this is how a Lego game should be, but let’s go dig a little deeper into why I think this is the must own Lego game on the market.

Story: There is no story, you are to be a master builder by exploring different Lego themed worlds and using the items you collect along the way to create your own lego world. A narrator helps guide you through your journey when performing quests and missions but the narrator can get quite buggy… more on that in the sound section.

Gameplay: You start your game by creating your Astronaut, if you wish to be male or female (you get more parts to edit your character later in the game as you discover more minifigures in the worlds), the game then swoops you in your ship to your first world, where the learning of creation and tasks can begin.

You get many different tools to help you create and destroy your island, to create your own utopia of feet-hurting devices. Collect different elements and characters along the way with your Discovery tool which allows you to scan new discoveries and place them in the world wherever you want.

Use your Landscape tool to shape, create or destroy the surface of your world as you see fit, the copy tool coming in handy if you wish to place more of the same items you have in the world, such as houses to make a street, or trees for a jungle; Paint your creations with the paint tool and free build with items found in your inventory – it really is an endless stream of possibilities for the creative mind and lovers of Lego.

The controls take a bit of getting used to in creation, but you come to grips with it quite quickly and the game becomes a lot of fun when doing so, with so much to collect, create, build and destroy.

Also, you can have a friend join the creative adventure. There are upsides and downsides to this I’m afraid – of course, the upside is getting to play with friends and sharing in the fun (and I must admit it is a lot more fun with someone else playing alongside you), but I have noticed a lot more pop in textures and bugs when experiencing two-player, such as a blurry cow on one screen, for example, or missing ground. More textures bug out if you both add more and more to your world, especially animals and people.

LEGO Worlds Gameplay – First 20 Minutes! (Quick Play) – ZackScottGames

The graphics found in LEGO Worlds is very LEGO-game standard but that’s not a bad thing. They do a great job at making HD polygons look like plastic, especially on current gen consoles. The Only downside is the aforementioned occasional graphical bug and pop in textures in the background.

When it comes to the sound, this is where I must change my tone – sound effects are all good and do the job nicely, but there seems to be issues with the music in this. I found times where there are two music slips overlapping and it makes for painfully confusing listening. This has happened several times during my play-through. Hopefully they’ll solve this with a future patch. The music almost sounds like it belongs in a Superman game, showing very heroic-style melodies.

Another issue is the narrator, such as when he’s repeated lines, almost 10 times in a row about completing quests and it became really irritating; another issue that will hopefully be fixed.

Final Notes: Aural issues aside, this is finally the Lego game people have been waiting for. Let your mind wander and create anything you wish, Let your imagination go wild and create your own worlds or destroy what worlds have been created and build on top of it. This gives you so much, especially in gameplay and replayability, at a really awesome budget price. I do, however, advise to buy this at a lower price due to the bug issue. It’s currently around £19.99 which is a fair price.

Graphics: 8/10 – Standard Lego game graphics but still great
Sound: 6/10 – the sound effects are great and music sets the tone when working properly
Gameplay: 9/10 – so much fun but quite a bit of learning to do when it comes to your tools and controls
Enjoyment: 10/10 – If the game is up your alley then you will keep playing and creating and after a break come back for more, especially if you are enjoying the game with a friend.

Overall score: 8/10 – I want to give this a higher grade but due to the faults and learning curve to begin with but the learning can be fun and getting creative makes this game shine.

Thanks to the Youtube channels featured for the gaming footage.

LEGO Worlds is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and click on the packshot for the full-size version.

LEGO Worlds Gameplay – “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME…AGAIN!!!” Walkthrough Let’s Play – Generikb

Important info:

  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive
  • Players: single-player, co-op
  • HDTV options: up to 1080p
  • Sound: DTS 5.1